BDS is an acronym for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, a three-pronged weapon Palestinians have been using against Israel, apparently with considerable success. There are conflicting reports regarding the impact on Israel’s economy, but there’s little doubt that BDS is a powerful psychological weapon.

So what is BDSL?

Multiple tactics are generally required to win wars and revolutions. In that spirit, if freedom fighters are going to boycott businesses and celebrities that do business with Israel, we might as well boycott Jewspeak as well. The L thus stands for “language.”

Language nicely complements BDS in that it’s a non-violent form of opposition. Which isn’t to say I’m opposed to violence. Palestinians have every right to defend themselves from Israeli terrorism, just as people around the world have a right to defend themselves from Jewish bankers and the Jewish Mafia. But non-violence is generally the better option if one has a choice.

And so I would like to encourage the BDS community to join me in snubbing stupid words like antisemitism and promoting more accurate and fair terms, like anti-Jewism and Jewarchy.

As I write this, I’m running for public office, gunning for a seat on the Seattle School Board. On my campaign website, I’m promoting BDSL and, by extenstion, BDS. I invite members of the BDS community – in fact, anyone who’s fighting Zionists or Jewarchists in general – to help publicize and/or BDSL in return.

Please note that this website isn’t the last word on the subject. Jewspeak is really a very complex topic, and you may not agree with all of my ideas. So feel free to disagree and contribute your own ideas. The important thing is that we promote a global conversation, inviting diverse peoples to add their voices.

Here are links to the BDS Movement, the Facebook groups BDSL and Jewarchy, and blog pages where you can discuss and BDSL.