Jewarchy is a word coined by political activist David W. Blomstrom to describe the extraordinary power and corruption in the Jewish community, from Zionism to Wall Street bankers to Jewish porn stars and pedophiles.


Blomstrom introduced the word Jewarchy during his 2016 bid for the office of Washington State Governor. The Jews have hacked Blomstrom’s websites and even hacked his laptop on one occasion. They have widely censored Blomstrom and banned him from various websites and professional organizations, including The Authors Guild. Blomstrom has more than 80 websites, and Google is actively doing its best to render all of them invisible.

If you want to learn more about Jewarchy, please explore the links listed in the sidebar and below. You can also check out Blomstrom’s books at KPowBooks.com. His first books focusing on Jewarchy should be published towards the end of 2023, with several more scheduled for publication in 2024.

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Video Notes: The word anti-Jewarchy is probably a better variation than anti-Jewarchism. Also, the video may inadvertently suggest that Jews are not white people. In fact, the great majority of Jews are European trailer park trash.
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