About Jewarchy

Hi, I’m David W. Blomstrom, the webmaster. I live in Seattle, where I’ve been a political activist since about 1995. I became interested in politics when I was a teacher in public schools that seemed to be under constant attack by corporate pitbulls.

Campaign 1999

When I first ran for public office in 1999, I was stunned when the Seattle Weekly – an “alternative paper” I expected to support me – stabbed me and a couple fellow reformers in the back.

As my journey through the political wilderness continued, I began hearing an endless barrage of bad things about Jews. I had heard stories about “Jewish bankers” who supposedly control America even when I was a little kid growing up in rural South Dakota. After I got laid off from my teaching job in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I heard conspiracy theories blaming 9/11 on Israel. And who isn’t aware of the conspiracy tales swirling around the Rothschilds, supposedly the richest people on the planet? Of course, I knew Israel’s terrorism wasn’t just a theory; after all, Israel is a key partner in the United States’ phony war against terror.

Campaign 2015

One day in 2015, I finally decided it was time to put my other projects aside for a bit and take a serious look at some of these Jewish issues. The straw that broke the camel’s back was an article in the LA Times claiming Jews control Hollywood. I was a little shocked to discover that it’s true; Jews have in fact controlled Hollywood for decades.

I began confirming one Jewish conspiracy after another, until I came full circle back to Seattle. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Seattle Weekly media whore who stabbed me and my students in the back in 1999, Nina Shapiro, is Jewish. I then discovered that another Seattle alternative paper that had treated me even worse than the mainstream media is owned by Jews! In fact, The Stranger is actually a pretty transparent Zionist mouthpiece. The bastards certainly rejoiced at the news of the murder of Libya’s long-time leader, Colonel Gadaffi – perhaps our generation’s greatest hero.

Amazingly, I had spent fifteen years blowing the whistle on what I call the Seattle Mafia, the Education Mafia and the Black Mafia, oblivious to the local Jewish mafia that was shitting on my students. And so I decided to make the Jewish Mafia the central theme of Campaign 2015. However, I found myself in a bind. I didn’t want to be perceived as another NeoNazi Jew basher, but I couldn’t ignore the reality that had been right under my nose for so many years. There really is a global Jewish mafia, and it has enormous control over the U.S.

It just so happens that 2015 was another election year for me; I was able to run for the same seat on the Seattle School Board I ran for in 1999. I’ve always spoken out boldly, addressing issues other candidates won’t even mention. This time around, I became the first candidate in Seattle history to attack the Jewish Mafia. (See my campaign website)

I came up with the idea for this website less than a month before the primary election on August 4. So I bought a new domain name and launched this six-page website, which I think is one of my coolest political projects yet. Pound for pound, I think it’s going to pack a far bigger punch than many far bigger websites.


And so I continue to learn about the enemy and continue fighting back. I still haven’t learned the whole truth about World War II and the Holocaust, though there’s no question that Jewish interests have exploited the Holocaust shamelessly. (I just recently added the term Holocaust industry to my vocabulary.) The situation reminds me of Alice Gess, a local Jewish woman who was working as a substitute teacher when we both attended a forum focusing on the mistreatment of Asian Americans in corporate Seattle.

I was shocked when Gess rudely interrupted the speaker, saying something like “What about Jews?” She claimed there were few organizations supporting Jews when there are in fact too many to count. Her unbelievable rudeness, arrogance and selfishness made a lasting impression on me. I also understood why she was featured in an article (Sacked Sub) in the Seattle Weekly, the same paper that has barely given me the time of day (aside from scattered insults) during several bids for public office.

All I have to say is Fuck the Jews.

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