The goal of the Jewarchy project is to popularize the word Jewarchy, along with some of its derivatives, with anti-Jewarchism, replacing the misnomer antisemitism. The project will be essentially finished when Jewarchy is listed in dictionaries.

But how can such a feat be accomplished, and can it possibly succeed?

It’s very similar to running for public office in that the people have the ultimate say. No matter how good the idea, Project Jewarchy could be torpedoed by public apathy, ignorance, racism and selfishness. But there’s an intriguing twist.

First, Jewarchy has just one opponent, antisemitism. The latter is supported primarily by Jews and a lot of racist, militaristic white people, particularly right-wing Christians who think God wants them to side with the Jews. Jewarchy could or should be supported by Muslims (who vastly outnumber Jews), along with more enlightened members of various races, including Jews.

This campaign isn’t limited to Washington State or even the United States. People from around the world can easily contribute by simply discussing the word Jewarchy.

Second, there’s no time limit. If the idea attracts public support, it will continue to grow this year, next year and the year after that. An energized public could put Jewarchy in the limelight almost immediately. But it could also be fifty years before the word is listed in dictionaries.

5 Steps ˆ

The project consists of five simple steps.

  1. Create an idea and self-publicize it.
  2. Get a bigger soapbox.
  3. Let the public discuss it.
  4. Let the enemy discuss it.
  5. Victory! Jewarchy is officially listed in dictionaries.

Step 1: Mission Accomplished ˆ

The first step was the hard part, because I had to do all the work. And, take it from me, publicizing an idea can be damn hard when Google and Facebook are playing games with your websites and posts.

Step 2: Mission Accomplished ˆ

As all intelligent people know, it’s virtually impossible for an honest person to get elected to public office in the U.S., largely because of media corruption. That same media corruption makes it very difficult to publicize Jewarchy.

No problem — I just gave the media the middle finger and declared myself a candidate for Governor, letting the government publicize Jewarchy in the Voters Pamphlet, which is scheduled to be published in mid-June. Up to this point, it’s mission accomplished.

Step 3: Wait and See ˆ

Step #3 is a question mark. There’s no question the public will discuss the idea, but will it be a significant discussion or just mindless banter? Most important, will it be discussed in print and on the Internet, where it will have a bigger impact?

It’s kind of like trying to start a fire. If you have sufficient fuel and heat, you will have your fire. Otherwise, you’re going to be left out in the cold.

Step 4: Wait and See ˆ

If the public does its part, it will almost inevitably lead to step #4, which will be sweet indeed. For Zionists and their lackeys can’t attack the idea without publicizing it and making themselves look more desperate. It’s kind of like trying to douse a fire with a bucket full of gasoline.

Step 5: Not yet viable ˆ

Whether or not step #5 happens depends largely on whether or not Jews own all the dictionaries. (I haven’t checked, but I doubt it.)

Predictions ˆ

Four years ago, two Washington gubernatorial candidates (both Demopublicans) alone got almost exactly 90% of the vote. Two other Demopublicans got 6.5% of the vote. That left the remaining five candidates to fight over the remaining 3.5%.

This year, I’m one of eleven candidates, and a lot of powerful forces are going to do everything they can to make sure I don’t get more than 2% of the vote.

But thanks to Jewarchy, I can’t be defeated. Even if I come in dead last, Project Jewarchy will still be viable. I predict that my campaign will ignite a significant conversation, and the Muslim community will make its voice heard.

If I’m wrong, then we’ll just begin a waiting game. Because neither I nor Jewarchy are going away.

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