Burning Man vs Drowning Jew

Thanks to climate change and Hamas, 2023 has been a really lousy year for kooky entertainment events, from Burning Man to Israel’s Supernova Sukkot Gathering.

For the uninitiated, Burning Man is a mega-festival held annually in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert—not to be confused with the sleazy Jewish investment firm BlackRock—where an army of yuppies indulge in an orgy of performance art, drugs, and dancing to really weird music 27 hours a day. Oh, yes—it also rivals Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval as the world’s most extravagant costume party.

One author who knows more about such things than I do calls it a “week-long desert experience that’s part utopian performance, part survival quest, and part drug trip.” (“The Burning Man flameout, explained,” Aja Romano, Vos, Sept. 6, 2023.) But Burning Man is more than that. It’s a transformative experience. And if you encounter a metal dragon, a pirate ship, or a transgendered Silicon Valley mogul with peacock feathers stuck up his ass, you may understand why some people describe it as a religious experience. (Whether it makes the leap to spiritual is a matter of debate.)

Burning Man isn’t just a quality experience; it also scores high in terms of quantity. Imagine a city of 80,000 “burners” blossoming in the desert overnight. Surely, Burning Man has lessons for scientists who want to colonize Mars.

Reasons to Hate Burning Man ˆ

If Burning Man is essentially a congregation of free spirits celebrating art and flaunting societal conventions in a wilderness setting (marred only by that city of 80,000 people), why would anyone hate it?

It’s Weird! ˆ

Of course, many people hate Burning Man simply because it’s so weird. An average person might have a hard time distinguishing Burning Man from a Woke video.

I’m more open-minded than that. Although weird might arouse my suspicion, I have to take a closer look before deciding whether I should bless or condemn something.

Assholes ˆ

A more rational reason to hate Burning Man is the burners themselves. Elon Musk once said “Burning Man is Silicon Valley.” Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin—both Jews—are veteran Burners. It isn’t clear if Bill Gates is a Burning Man veteran. Judging by media reports, he was too busy visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island to be bothered with desert junkets. (Did you know Epstein was a Jew?) However, Jeff Bezos and Crackbook Jew Mark Zuckerberg have graced Burning Man with their holy presence.

Burning Man is essentially a sprawling outdoor party for yuppies and corporate executives. These are the wealthy elites who shit on us 24/7. There’s a big difference between free spirits and pampered assholes. To put it another way, these people don’t need Burning Man to be weird or degenerate. They’re weird and degenerate, period.

Jews ˆ

If Burning Man’s weirdness and debauchery seem somehow Jewish, maybe it has something to do with the desert. Though scientists have found no evidence that Jews lived in ancient Egypt, the Bible (a religious screed written by Jews) claims it’s so. Fortunately, some wild-assed crazy Jew named Moses led them out of Egypt, magically parting the Red Sea so they could walk across it before God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. While camping out in the desert, the “Children of Israel” were told by God himself (through Moses, of course) that they were His chosen people. Fuck Africans, Asians, and Native Americans. Fuck all non-Jewish white people. God was thinking about the Jews when he created the universe.

More than a decade ago, a few dozen Jews began holding a small prayer service at Burning Man. Of course, the prayer service didn’t last an entire week. They had plenty of time to masturbate, sodomize each other, dance to the world’s most monotonous music, and ingest drugs before they held their stupid prayer service. Over time, that humble (and likely drug-induced) prayer service evolved into a full-fledged “Kabbalat Shabbat” for some of America’s most far-out-there religious kooks.

The head of Burning Jew is said to be Zvika Krieger. Like all good Jews, he changes his name during the festival, when he becomes “Surrender.”

Originally from Los Angeles, Krieger has worked for both Facebook and the Pentagon and has also been associated with the World Economic Forum. (Ironically, his portfolios while serving as a Senior Strategist in the Office of the Secretary of Defense included climate change.) He even served as the U.S. Department of State’s first-ever “Ambassador to Silicon Valley.” For good measure, Krieger has an impressive résumé as a media whore, including a stint as Middle East correspondent for Newsweek. In plain English, this clown is a super-asshole.

It would be interesting to know how many Burners are Jews. How much control do Jews have over the entire event?

Environment ˆ

Another reason people hate Burning Man is its environmental impact. The event generates a staggering 100,000 tons of carbon emissions, and the carbon footprint is increased beyond that by a growing number of private jets, which also contribute to a growing noise pollution problem. The garbage left by 80,000 yuppies requires an epic post-party cleanup that lasts for days.

Can you imagine what cleaning up in the wake of the 2023 rains was like? Ewwwww!!!

There are also other complaints, including reports of a toxic work environment, abusive labor conditions, and sexual assault among Burning Man workers and volunteers.

Burning Man 2023 ˆ

Burning Man was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic (aka Jew Flu). Already struggling to regain its pre-pandemic glory, Burning Man 2023 was ironically washed out. Kicking off on August 27, it began with a controversial climate change protest that blocked the yuppie legions from entering Black Rock City, and it ended early with a dramatic rain storm that trapped them in a sea of mud. (The climate change protesters must have howled with wicked delight.)

Ironically, future generations of Burners may pray for rain as climate change ratchets temperatures up higher and higher.

Rather than generate sympathy, the rain opened the floodgates for Burning Man criticism as the legions of Burners trapped in the desert mudscape became objects of scorn and ridicule.

Jew York City ˆ

Those darn Jews sure like their secrecy. I wouldn’t have even known about the epic flooding of the City of Jews, New York City, if I hadn’t stumbled across a video on JewTube. The Big Apple was drenched with rain on September 28-29, less than a month after Burning Man’s soggy finale. Wall Street’s Jewish bankers scarcely had time to dry out their dirty underwear and porno magazines before Israel stole the headlines.

Burning Jew ˆ

Imagine if a really weird, degenerate event similar to Burning Man was held in another really fucked-up country, like Israel. The event is held just a few miles from one of the most wretched concentrations of people on the planet. How about Gaza, a narrow strip of land inhabited by two million persecuted Palestinians living in what has been dubbed an open-air prison? The event is ushered in by anti-apartheid or anti-genocide protesters, and it ends not with a rain storm but with a violent attack by Palestinian freedom fighters.

In fact, something eerily similar happened in Israel, except that there were no protesters, that I know of, aside from the Palestinians who shut it down.

The following paragraph is excerpted from Wikipedia’s article “Re’im music festival massacre.” (There have been requests to change the title to “Supernova music festival massacre.”)

“The Supernova Sukkot Gathering, a weekend-long outdoor trance music festival, began on 6 October 2023, in the western Negev desert, approximately 5 km (3.1 mi) from the Gaza–Israel barrier, near the Re’im kibbutz. It was produced by an organizer called Nova, as the Israeli edition of Universo Paralello, a psy trance festival that originated in Bahia, Brazil. According to the organizer, the site was booked only two days before, after the original location in southern Israel backed out. Scheduled to coincide with the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah, the rave was billed as a celebration of “friends, love and infinite freedom”. The festival site had three stages, a camping zone, and an area with a bar and food. Attendees described the crowd as mostly consisting of Israelis ages 20 to 40, from across the country. Attendance was reported to be 3,500, but figures vary. Security guards were present at the festival.” (License: CC-BY-SA 3.0)

So, what makes the Supernova festival bad?

Like Burning Man, it’s weird, and not in a wholesome way. Trance music is a genre of electronic music. As the name implies, it induces a hypnotic state, with people dancing aimlessly hour after hour. It’s a very popular rite at Burning Man.

Approximately a month after the last soggy yuppies straggled out of Black Rock City, another degenerate arts festival kicked off in a desert in Israel.

Second., the Supernova festival is similar to Burning Man in that most of the attendees are assholes. After all, they’re almost entirely Jewish.

Whether the Supernova festival is big enough to have a significant impact on the environment I don’t know. It’s doubtful that any information is available, because there probably aren’t more than two or three Jews on the planet who give a rat’s ass about the environment, anyway. (Have you ever heard of a Jewish environmentalist?)

There is one more thing that makes the Supernova festival creepy—its location. Not only was it held in Israel, it was held just three miles from Gaza. Imagine if the evil Nazis had held a dance party three miles from Auschwitz. If Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz had escaped and armed themselves, they likely would have massacred the people attending the Nazi music festival.

At 6:30 a.m., people attending the Supernova festival heard rockets. Half an hour later, they were under fire as freedom fighters associated with Hamas stormed communities throughout the region. When it was over, some 260 Supernova attendees were enjoying the ultimate trance, death. Others were taken to Gaza as hostages. Imagine being whisked away from a trendy party and taken into the crowded slums of Gaza. Yuck!

* * * * *

The Supernova music festival wasn’t Hamas’ only target, but it was the highest profile target. Moreover, the eerie similarities between the Supernova festival and Burning Man are something to ponder.

P.S. This article is based on the assumption that Hamas really did crash the Supernova festival. It would probably be deranged to suggest that the right-wing Israeli government would gun down a group of people who were reportedly peaceniks, then blame it on Hamas, now wouldn’t it? 🙂

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