I’m incredibly busy, and I’ve just about given up on ever finding any intelligent life in the U.S., especially Seattle. In short, I’m not interested in talking to you unless you 1) have a tip (e.g. you were stabbed in the back by Kraig Peck or Mark Kudlo, or you have some juicy inside information about Bill Gates), 2) you’re really knowledgeable about political science, philosophy or whatever and would like to offer me some advice, or 3) you’re having a problem with this website.

If you’re a Latin American, African, European (particularly an Eastern European) or a Muslim who hasn’t been brainwashed with whatever it is Americans wash their brains with, then let’s talk.

If you’re a student of life who would like to ask me questions, I’m flattered, and I appreciate sincere requests for guidance. But, like I said, I’m terribly busy. I’m going to begin publishing a series of books focusing on political science and philosophy this year. They’ll probably feature answers to most of your questions.

You can contact me @ You can also post comments on several of my websites.