Conversation with a Local Jewish Bimbo

Last night, I was hanging out in a WiFi cafe when a strange lady approached me and asked if I’m still sending out newsletters. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about and assumed it was a case of mistaken identity.

She then made some comment about my websites. I confirmed that I do have some websites, though she didn’t appear to really know much about them.

Eventually, she got got down to business. She’s a Jew, and she’s really bothered by the content of my websites, which she says is hurting the community. (As if there’s such a thing as community in Seattle.) Her main beef was with my writings regarding the Holocaust, which she maintains really happened.

She also called me a “misognynist,” an idea local Jewish media whores floated years ago. I’m not afraid to use the B-word (“bitch”) or W-word (“whore”) when discussing really disgusting people, such as pedophiles. I guess calling corrupt female school board members names makes me a misogynist. Whatever.

I pointed out her hypocrisy, noting that she’s just another Seattle slut who calls whistle-blowers names while turning a blind eye to corporate scum and the pedophiles Seattle is so famous for. She replied that she isn’t from Seattle. Like, DUH, aren’t most people living in Seattle from somewhere else?

For her next act, she floored me by informing me that her entire family was killed in the Holocaust. The bitch-whore-slut was so boring, obnoxious, and stupid, I scarcely even looked at her, but she was clearly young. I doubt that she’s over 30, and she looked closer to 21. So, let’s do the math . . .

World War II ended in 1945. If her parents were born in a German labor camp on the last day of the war and were still alive today, they would be about 79. If she’s 21, then she would have been born when they were about 58. Frankly, I don’t think her parents were anywhere near any holocaust. Moreover, if they were killed in the Holocaust, how the hell could she have been born?

I doubt that her grandparents were even associated with the Holocaust. If they were born in a German labor camp on the last day of WWII . . . well, you know the drill. They would be nearly 80, which means they were awfully old when they gave birth to her parents, and how could they have given birth to anything if they were killed in the Holocaust?

Quickly tiring of a pointless conversation with a Jewish idiot, I started tuning her out as I worked on my laptop. She asked what I was working on. I replied, “My websites.”

She looked somewhat disappointed as she turned around and walked out the door. Was she hoping to convince me the Holocaust really happened? Or could she not figure out how I could not believe that her entire family perished in the Holocaust?

Stupid me, I forgot to thank her for the genocide her tribe is carrying out in Gaza.

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