Five Reasons to Cheer 10/7

When I first heard the news, I was stunned. Why on Earth would Hamas, a political organization that rules the wretched strip of land known as Gaza, launch a full-fledged military assault against Israel? Even worse, most of Hamas’ targets were civilians, which would surely make it harder to garner global sympathy. Maybe Palestinians really are nothing more than barbaric terrorists.

Sure enough, Israel quickly reasserted control over communities that had been occupied by Hamas, then cut off Gaza’s food, water, and electricity. Who in their right mind would pick a fight with an entity that controls the essential things needed for survival?

Before we dismiss Hamas as sadistic or criminally stupid, let’s look at the big picture. The Jews have been waging a genocidal campaign against the Palestinians for three quarters of a century. The Palestinians have been shit on for so long and hard, they’ve almost been reduced to the state of animals.

Adding to the despair is the absence of hope. Israeli is supported by the U.S. and other countries controlled by the Jews. People around the world fought against apartheid South Africa, but the Palestinians have become increasingly forgotten. Aided by the U.S., Israel has been enticing or coercing one Arab government after another into normalizing relations with the illegitimate bastard state. The prospect of normalized relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia was making headlines when Hamas staged its attack.

In plain English, what did Hamas, or the Palestinians, have to lose? Nothing! They have one foot in the grave. Like the Sioux warriors who crushed General George Armstrong Custer before they were themselves destroyed by the U.S. government, the Palestinians decided to do the unthinkable. Taking everything in context, I would argue that they were wildly successful, especially when one considers the mind-boggling power differential between Hamas and Israel.

In fact, Hamas accomplished at least five things.

  1. Humiliated Israel
  2. Normalization
  3. Highlighted Jewmerica
  4. Brought the relationship between China and the Jews into sharper focus.
  5. Earned the Palestinians respect.

Humiliated Israel ˆ

On October 27, 2023, Hamas sucker-punched Israel, taking the Jews by surprise as it launched a sophisticated attack that reportedly killed some 1,400 people, with more people, including military officers, taken hostage.

Israel is popularly ranked among the world’s ten greatest military powers. It’s especially famous for its military intelligence arm, Mossad. So, the image of the Jewish monkey getting kicked in the balls by a ragtag army of virtual refugees must have hit the Jews like a ton of bricks.

Long viewed as virtually invincible, Israel has been revealed to be remarkably fragile. If its legendary Iron Dome can be compromised by Hamas, how could it withstand an attack by Iran, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia?

Israel has cutting-edge weapons and intelligence, but it remains a small country with a small population surrounded by enemies. It would probably be easier to destroy Israel than most people realize.

Normalization ˆ

Israel has been making steady progress in normalizing ties with its Arab neighbors, a worrisome state of affairs. Israel is a global pariah, and it has proven itself incapable of being anything else. It should be globally isolated and sanctioned

Of particular concern is the news that Saudi Arabia is considering normalizing ties with Israel. It isn’t yet clear if Hamas’ attack will derail this effort, which is being pushed by the U.S. However, it will likely make other countries think twice before normalizing ties with Israel.

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between citizens and their governments. Hatred of Israel in particular and Jews in general is widespread even in some countries whose governments have normalized relations with Israel. Under pressure, such governments may reverse their positions in the future. Israel will never be a good neighbor and never could be a good neighbor. The Jews will never change.

Highlighted Jewmerica ˆ

The aftermath of Hamas’ attack highlighted the incestuous relationship between Israel and the United States. The famously senile pResident Joe Biden (aka Jew Biden) seemed perfectly lucid, if not rational, as he immediately promised unconditional aid to Israel. Before you know it, a U.S. aircraft carrier group was cruising towards Israel. An aircraft carrier against Gaza, a non-country that has no real military!

Wherever you see a Jewish soldier, you’ll see a right-wing American giving him a blowjob.

Bear in mind, that many people believe the U.S. is either on the verge of collapsing or is already in the process of collapsing. If China can dethrone Team USA, the Israelis may find themselves in an existential crisis they brought on themselves.

China vs The Jews ˆ

I’m working on a book titled China vs The Jews. Since the Jews largely control the world and virtually own the U.S., one would expect the Jews to hate China. The words and actions of the Jew-controlled Western media and U.S. government appear to confirm that theory.

However, China-bashing is almost always couched in terms of the United States vs China, with little mention of Israel or Jews in general. What does the global Jewish Mafia itself think about China? Is it actively plotting strategies for downsizing or even destroying China?

In the wake of Hamas’ attack, the Jew-controlled media increased their whining about China’s close relations with Iran. They suggested the possibility of Israel sanctioning China God, how I hope that happens!

If Israel sanctions China, the Chinese will be forced to choose between Israel and its enemies. Of course, Israel’s friends include the U.S. and other countries that are China’s de facto enemies. Israeli sanctions would hopefully help open China’s eyes and help them recognize the Jews as the enemy.

Shortly after Hamas bloodied Israel’s nose, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer led a delegation of six senators to China. Schumer is a typical Zionist Jewish politician who seems more interested in whoring for Israel than doing anything positive for the country he lives in. He is among the Jews who appear to have nothing but contempt for the First Amendment. Schumer advocated the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the young Muslim who was framed for the Boston Marathon bombing, which was a conspiratorial clusterfuck.

Schumer told China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi that he was very disappointed by China’s failure to strongly condemn Hamas’ attack on Israel and express sympathy for Israel and its citizens. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning reportedly said that China is “deeply saddened by the civilian casualties caused by the conflict between Palestine and Israel.” He added that “China opposes and condemns acts that harm civilians,” along with actions that “expand conflict and undermine regional stability.”

The Jew-controlled media then spun this as a Chinese endorsement of Israel’s position. (“U.S. Senate Majority Leader Schumer meets Chinese President Xi, welcomes condemnation of Hamas attacks,” PBS, Oct. 9, 2023.)

Given the outsize role Schumer has played in helping the U.S. government attack China, it’s amazing he was allowed to visit China. If I had been in Xi Jinping’s place, I would have spit in his face.

Palestinian Respect ˆ

An army of propagandists, slimy politicians, media whores, and Jews of all nationalities and political parties are condemning Hamas and Palestinians in general as terrorists and war criminals. The hypocrisy is frankly disgusting.

Israel and the U.S. are the premier terrorists states. They have seldom shrunk from blowing up schools and hospitals. How many Iraqi children starved to death under U.S. sanctions even before Iraq was invaded?

In fact, the Palestinians are victims of genocide, a genocide that has “Jew” written all over it—not “Israel,” but “Jew.” Israel is mindlessly supported by Jews around the world, most of whom have more loyalty to Israel than to whatever country they live in.

Sadly, it appears that the Palestinians’ fate is sealed. Israel is firmly controlled by blood-sucking Jews who are supported by the U.S. and European powers. The Palestinians have largely been abandoned by various Arab governments. Ten years from now, the Palestinians’ plight will be even more dire. Twenty years from now, it will be worse still. Beyond that, who knows? Like Native Americans, they will probably be all but extinguished.

Like the Sioux and the Apache, however, they chose to go out with their boots on. Let the Jews and their shit-eating stooges demonize them all they want. Millions of more honorable people around the world respect the Palestinians. Indeed, they may currently be the most popular freedom fighters in the world.

Hopefully, my prediction of the Palestinians’ demise won’t come to pass. The world is changing very rapidly, and it’s entirely possible that the Israelis will soon be on the chopping block. And if Israel can be terminated, maybe countries around the world will begin dealing with their local Jewish problems.

* * * * *

In summary, the Palestinians started a war with the plantation master, earning renewed respect from millions of people around the world. At the same time, the ugly Jews look uglier every time they shit on the Palestinians.

Viva Palestine, and may the Jews and their supporters burn in Hell—not just the Israelis, but all the Zionist Jews and Jewish bankers and media whores around the world.

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