The Hamas Follies

The October surprise attack is being billed as the most dreadful thing that ever happened since the birth of Roseanne Barrr. The aftermath is truly tragic, with the Palestinians being punished for the Jews’ crimes, as usual. However, the initial attack allegedly killed over a thousand Jews, which is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

Sadly, the media whores are too busy bawling their eyes out and preaching revenge to notice some things that vary from odd to downright humorous. So, who is 10/7’s biggest assclown?

Hamas ˆ

According to the Jews, Hamas spent years, if not decades, planning its deadly attack. Its warriors were well-trained, heavily armed, and just as evil as the Nazis.

The Jews also tell us that Hamas caught Israel’s government completely by surprise. Hamas’ thugs swooped in on motorbikes, from the air, and the sea. They occupied several communities and were apparently more intent on slaying civilians than attacking military targets. Indeed, children were allegedly among their favorite targets.

Here’s where things get a little weird. The Jews tell us that Hamas killed a little over 1,400 people, mostly innocent civilians. After Israeli troops moved in to take back their illegal settlements, they counted the bodies of approximately 1,500 Hamas fighters. Did 1,500 Palestinians really volunteer for a suicide mission on such a scale? If half of the invaders escaped with their lives, that would make an initial invasion force of 3,000. So we can assume Hamas’ invasion force numbered at least 1,500 and quite likely a few hundred more.

So, what’s weird about those numbers? Well, imagine that you’re a well-trained, heavily armed guerrilla fighter who invades a neighboring country, catching its military off guard. If you targeted unwary soldiers, you might kill three or four before their colleagues were able to stop you. However, you aren’t interested in soldiers: you’re a bloodthirsty asshole who’s gunning for civilians.

So, how many unsuspecting civilians could a Hamas thug brandishing an assault rifle and small explosives kill? If I walked out of my apartment carrying a revolver, I could easily take out six people. So, I would expect a Hamas fighter to easily kill 20 or more. Remember, these sickos were focusing largely on children!

Now, let’s do a little math. If we assume a minimum of 1,500 guerrilla fighters, and each one killed an average of 20 people, that adds up to a whopping 30,000 dead Jews. If they killed an average of just ten apiece, that would still add up to 15,000. Yet they only killed 1,400? That’s less than one apiece! Were they armed with slingshots?

While I praise any attack on Israel, I’m frankly dumbfounded by Hamas’ apparent lack of training. Or were they, as the Jews suggest, just too busy raping women to take their mission seriously? Maybe they were getting high on marijuana!

Benjamin Netanyahu ˆ

What the Hell was Israel’s assclown-in-chief thinking? The Jews have been waging a genocidal campaign against the Palestinians for three quarters of a century while the United Nations looks the other way. Israeli trailer park trash are constantly building illegal settlements, taking possession of Palestinians’ homes, and murdering Palestinians. All Netanyahu had to do was take a long nap and wait for his creepy citizens to finish their dirty work.

In the meantime, Netanyahu was having a field day normalizing relations with other countries, including Arab states. Next in line was Saudi Arabia. What a prize!

However, Netanyahu, being a Jew, apparently couldn’t resist reminding the world just how creepy he and his fellow cockroaches are. Before the dust had settled, he was making it clear that he intended to punish all of Gaza for the crimes of a mob of militants that many observers around the world feel were acting in self-defense.

In my book Jewhole: The 100 Worst Jews, I suggest that Netanyahu is very likely the most hated Jew in the world. Benny is certainly working hard to prove me right.

Vladimir Putin ˆ

Is it just coincidence that Hamas’ desert blitzkrieg took place on Vladimir Putin’s birthday?

Some pundits are calling this Putin’s best birthday present over, because it has already diverted attention from the war in Ukraine. And with the U.S. and other stooges giving Israel money and weapons, that means less aid for Ukraine.

I like the fact that Putin is criticizing Israel and apparently backing the Palestinians, but how genuine is his support? As you may know, Russia is allied with Syria, yet Israel attacks Syria at will. Syria has been one big battlefield for years, and Russia hasn’t shot down a single Israeli jet. Has Russia so much as wounded a single Israeli soldier?

Vlodowhore Zelensky ˆ

You know this assclown is a Jew, right? He’s a former comedian who gained notoriety for a skit in which he plays a piano with his penis. What an inspirational commander-in-chief.

Zelensky sure knows how to alienate his fan club. When Ukraine was invaded by the Russian bully bear, Zelensky greedily accepted aid from the U.S. and various European countries. But when Hamas attacked Israel, Zelensky immediately proclaimed his solidarity with the illegitimate terrorist state of Israel!

The punch line? Zelensky was embarrassed even more when it was reported that Ukraine has been selling some of the weapons it receives from its supporters to . . . wait for it . . . Hamas! That’s right, the dirty Jew who ranks as Ukraine’s #1 traitor is arming the very group he’s condemning while supporting his fellow Jews, oblivious to their foul deeds.

I think it’s a fairly good bet that Hamas’ attack sealed Ukraine’s fate. I just hope Ukrainian freedom fighters can capture Zelensky and skin him alive before the son of a bitch escapes to Israel.

Joe Biden ˆ

Hamas’ attack didn’t need to be studied by Skeletor. He immediately knew that the Jews were telling the truth, there was no possible rationale for Hamas’ attack, and the only recourse was to help Israel kill tens of thousands of Palestinians in revenge.

And so, Biden sent two aircraft carrier groups to the Middle East. I assume they’re carrying a few nuclear warheads, just in case Israel’s illegal nukes don’t kill every Muslim within a thousand square miles.

On an even stranger note, have you noticed the endless parade of videos of Joe Biden scrambling or forgetting words, stumbling, getting lost, or nodding off during important events? The Capitol Hill fossil curiously seems to be fully alert whenever he’s working for the Jews. Interesting.

Obama ˆ

Speaking of wretched assholes who are flirting with senility, Obama has been speaking out on behalf of the Palestinians. Is this the same Obama who waged a deranged unmanned drone war that killed innocent civilians in Pakistan? Is it the same Obama who led NATO in the destruction of Libya?

I would like to politely suggest that Obama stick a hand grenade in his mouth and shove his head up Joe Biden’s asshole.

Bruno Mars ˆ

One celebrity entertainer caught taking a poop in the Land of Apartheid—figuratively speaking—is that Michael Jackson clone Bruno Mars. Mars was forced to cancel a concert in Tel Aviv after Hamas launched its historic attack on Israel. (“Bruno Mars leaves Israel after being caught up in rocket attacks,” Jessica Steinberg, Times of Israel, Oct. 8, 2023.)

Can you imagine if a Palestinian rocket had left a crater where Mars was standing a second earlier? I mean, wouldn’t that be funny? Mars would have become an instant war hero, something even Jackson never accomplished. Instead, Mars will just be remembered as another asshole celebrity who gave the Palestinians the middle finger as he performed in front of a mob of masturbating Jews.

Maybe we should erect a monument to Bruno, like a giant dildo wearing sunglasses.

Germany ˆ

Since I’m of German descent, my mother country intrigues me. The Germans have a pretty amazing history, from bringing down the Roman Empire to giving the Catholic Church the middle finger to taking on the Jews. Between Arminius, Martin Luther, and Adolf Hitler, Germany has produced some bigger-than-life heroes.

Unfortunately, the same cabal of Jews who started World War II were able to forge a coalition of countries that defeated Germany, which is still effectively occupied by the Jews. Merely asking the wrong questions about the Holocaust can get you thrown in prison in Germany. Everyone knows the U.S. blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, but the Germans just look the other way. As their economy crashes all around them, the Germans are rallying behind Israel.

Yes, the Jews and the U.S. probably have a variety of strategies to destroy Germany yet again if its leaders don’t do as they’re told. Still, there are limits. When are the German people going to wake up and revolt? They need to overthrow their government and give the Jews the middle finger. If they allied with China instead of the U.S., they might be able to rebuild their economy.

In the meantime, this generation of Germans may rank as the most stupid people on Earth.

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