Hamas vs Israel = China?

Hamas’ surprise October 7 attack on Israel generated headlines around the world, and since most of the media is controlled by the Jews, we get to hear their version of events. Fortunately, there are more intelligent people who know the Jews are a tribe of liars. And so, we wind up with two competing narratives, as usual:

  • Mainstream Narrative: Hamas launched a terrorist attack that was motivated out of blind hatred for Jews, leaving Israel no choice but to strike back.
  • Alternative Narrative: The Jews have been waging a genocidal war against Palestinians for three quarters of a century. With no hope in sight, Hamas decided to strike back.

However, is it possible that both narratives are misguided? Is it possible that Hamas vs Israel is but a cog in a much bigger conspiracy plotted by the Jews? Millions of people believe the Jews started both world wars and were also behind the Bolshevik Revolution. The more I study history, Jewarchy, and political science, the more I agree. Jews are indeed the masters of global conspiracy. But exactly what kind of conspiracy are we talking about here?

There are a number of possibilities. Keep in mind, also, that a conspiracy doesn’t have to be limited to one goal; it is certainly possible to kill two or more birds with one stone. In that spirit, I’d like to suggest the possibility that Hamas vs Israel might be part of a bigger plot aimed at China.

No, I’m not suggesting that Hamas views China as its enemy; on the contrary, China could be at least a partial ally. However, Hamas could have unwittingly allowed itself to be embedded in a bigger Jewish conspiracy—a conspiracy within a conspiracy.

There are reports that Egyptian intelligence warned Israel about a pending attack, but, for some strange reason, Israeli officials didn’t listen. Does that remind you of 9/11, when George W. Bush’s regime ignored warnings of a major terrorist attack? Even after the government was warned, terrorists armed with box-cutters were somehow able to hijack four commercial airliners in broad daylight, piloting two of them into the World Trade Center, with a third crashing into the Pentagon. Or so we’re told.

Similarly, early reports regarding Hamas’ attack frequently commented on the almost incomprehensible claim that Israel’s world famous intelligence was caught completely by surprise. For Hamas, it was too good to be true—possibly because it wasn’t true at all.

Just as 9/11—which was a Jewish conspiracy—gave what some call the Anglo-Zionist empire an excuse to launch a phony war on terrorism while eroding Americans’ civil liberties, so does Hamas vs Israel give the same global terrorists an excuse to continue their phony war. You might think of it as a booster shot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it perfectly clear that he regards all Palestinians as animals and will show them no mercy. Adding to the insanity, America’s senile pResident “Jew” Biden dispatched an aircraft carrier group to aid Israel. Can you imagine the virtual refugees who inhabit Gaza taking on a fleet of state-of-the-art warships? If you don’t hate Democrats as much as you hate Republicans, you need to get your head screwed on straight.

Early reports on the situation warned of the possibility of other parties expanding the war. How would Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran react? What about Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt? Sure enough, some of these actors do appear to be involved to some extent. However, it isn’t clear who drew first blood. Did Syria fire on Israel first, or was it the other way around?

Frankly, I think Israel and its American stooges want an all-out war in the Middle East, because they think they have the power to take on every country in the region. They want to cripple any anti-Israeli guerrilla groups, though the big prize is Iran. However, an even bigger prize could be China, which has been steadily replacing the U.S. as the dominant power in the region.

That’s why I’m shocked and disappointed by China’s reaction to Hamas’ attack. The Chinese are famous for their reluctance to take sides in international disputes, preferring to seek a peaceful solution that benefits everyone. Unfortunately, the world isn’t that simple. There is good and evil, and there are situations where not taking sides is almost criminal.

Israel is a tough puzzle, of course. The country has existed for three quarters of a century. It has become extremely powerful and is supported by some of the most powerful and influential countries in the world. Crossing Israel means crossing America and Europe. Merely saying the wrong thing can give the Jews an excuse to label China’s leaders “antisemitic,” a meaningless curse that nevertheless works time and again.

However, the big picture isn’t that hard to figure out. The Jews are global scum, and Israel has become their illegitimate capital. If China allows Israel to dictate its policies, it is playing into the hands of the very people who control the U.S., the country that is doing everything it can to destroy China. In fact, it is the Jews who want to destroy China, but rather than publicly admit it, they’re fighting a proxy war against it through their chief stooge, or ally, the U.S.

My advice to China is simple: Wake up! The Jews are your enemy. They’re everyone’s enemy. If you allow Israel and the U.S. to continue tyrannizing and controlling countries in the Middle East, they will be in a better position to block China’s access to the Middle East. Merely cutting off China’s supply of oil could quickly turn China into a casualty of war without firing a shot.

Attempting to placate both sides won’t work. China needs to choose sides, and choosing the Anglo-Zionist empire would be utterly stupid. It would be like the Sioux Indians siding with the 7th Cavalry. China needs to throw in its lot with the Muslim world, which dwarfs Israel. If Israel and the U.S. destroy Iran, it will be game over for China.

If China came out swinging in defense of the Palestinians, the Jews would be infuriated. So what? They’re already China’s enemies, even if they pretend otherwise.

  • Mainstream Narrative: Hamas launched a terrorist attack that was motivated out of blind hatred for Jews, leaving Israel no choice but to strike back.
  • Alternative Narrative: The Jews have been waging a genocidal war against Palestinians for three quarters of a century. With no hope in sight, Hamas decided to strike back.
  • Alternative Narrative #2: Hamas either didnt attack Israel at all, or its attack was complemented by Israeli operatives posing as Hamas fighters. In other words, 10/7 was an inside job (aka false flag attack), similar to 9/11. And while 9/11 was exploited to justify a war against Muslims, 10/7 may ultimately target China.

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