Hamas vs Israel

On October 7, 2023, a terrorist group called Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel. Invading by sea, air, and land, bloodthirsty Palestinian thugs attacked civilians, raping and torturing women and beheading children. When the carnage was over, at least 1,400 innocent civilians were dead, with others taken hostage.

How in the world could Israel’s legendary intelligence have failed? How could have Hamas have breached Israel’s fabled Iron Dome with many of the 3,000 or more rockets it fired? Once again, the poor, oppressed Jews had been assaulted by people blinded by antisemitism. Rallying allies around the world, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu swore revenge, promising to destroy Hamas, even if it meant destroying Gaza in the process.

As the webmaster of Jewarchy.com, America’s foremost Holocaust denier, and the #1 enemy of Jewish sleaze and corruption wherever it hides, what are my views on Hamas’ epic attack and Israel’s response?

In fact, it’s a little difficult to comment on this issue for one simple reason: I don’t have enough truthful, accurate information.

Let’s face it, virtually everything we know about what happened (or didn’t happen) comes from the Jews. The initial news reports came from Israel, not Gaza. Those initial reports were channeled through western politicians and media, all of whom are controlled by Jews.

Frankly, the stories about Hamas operatives raping and torturing women and beheading children are hard to believe. Think about it: you’ve been plotting a surprise attack for years, maybe even decades (according to the Jew-controlled media). Your target is one of the most heavily fortified countries in the world. As you swoop in with your para-glider or motorbike, you’re pumped up with adrenaline. Your goal is to 1) destroy as many military targets, 2) destroy as much infrastructure, and/or 3) kill as many Israelis as possible, knowing that your life will very likely be terminated any minute. Are you going to take the time to pull down your pants and rape someone, putting yourself at greater risk? Why take the time to behead a child when it would be more efficient to just shoot them from a distance? There’s also the public relations factor. If the Palestinians want the world’s sympathy, are you going to accomplish that by beheading children?

How many of the Hamas terrorists who participated in the historic attack lived to tell their side of the story?

It doesn’t make sense! And it gets worse: there are reports that Egyptian intelligence warned Israeli officials about the impending attack. Netanyahu wasn’t joking when he said the Hamas attack was Israel’s 9/11. The similarities are striking: 9/11 was an inside job, almost certainly plotted by Jews, similar to the John F. Kennedy assassination. The U.S. reportedly had advance warning that terrorists were planning a major attack, yet a mob of Islamic terrorists armed with box-cutters were allegedly able to hijack four commercial airliners, flying three of them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

As they say, figures don’t lie, but liars (particularly Jews) do figure.

Whatever Hamas did on October 7, I don’t care. If Hamas raped 10,000 Jews and beheaded 10,000 Jewish children, I wouldn’t care, partly because the Jews have done so much worse. If Hamas slaughtered two million Israeli Jews, I would cheer myself hoarse. Realistically, however, it’s probably more accurate to say that somewhere around 1,400 Israelis were killed, none of them raped, tortured, or beheaded. Moreover, there’s a good chance the Israeli government allowed it to happen. It’s even possible some of the victims were killed by Israeli operatives posing as Hamas agents.

My heart goes out to the Palestinians and to the billions of people around the world who are screwed by the Jews, from Israel to Wall Street. I can’t even imagine the suffering the people trapped in Gaza are enduring. I hate to talk about a silver lining when so many people are on the verge of being massacred by the goddam Jews. However, there are a few things about the situation that do offer me some comfort.

First, the Jews are on public display, and God do they look ugly. Yes, Israel has rallied its usual allies, but millions of thinking, caring people around the world can see what’s going on. The Jews have been waging a campaign of genocide against the Palestinians for three quarters of a century, continuously thumbing their nose at the United Nations, international law, and human decency. In fact, the bastards have only become more arrogant, with Israel vigorously defended by an army of Jews around the world, whether they’re carrying Israeli flags in the streets or spewing their propaganda via YouTube videos.

The U.S. is on display, too. In its global tug of war with China, the U.S. promotes itself as a beacon of democracy, a champion of human rights, and a defender of international law while casting China as a genocidal Communist tyrant. Yet America’s famously senile president, “Jew” Biden immediately condemned Hamas before he even had time to study the evidence, then dispatched two aircraft carrier groups to the Middle East to help Israel. The poor, oppressed Jews who have Holocaust welfare checks coming out of their assholes need two aircraft carriers to help them continue their campaign of genocide. Wow.

In all honesty, the magnitude of this perversion of truth and justice took me by surprise. How could the Jews who endlessly complain that they’re the victims of irrational hatred so willingly spread their legs for Netanyahu and his butchers? Are U.S. citizens happy about the fact that Biden is throwing billions of dollars at Israel instead of helping Americans who are mired in poverty? Are there any homeless people in Israel?

In recent years, Israel has been working hard to persuade other countries to embrace it as a respected colleague. Aided by the U.S., a number of Arab states have even normalized relations with that bastard country. What were they thinking? At the very time of the Hamas attack, headlines warned that Saudi Arabia was on the verge of normalizing relations with Israel.

It appears that Israeli’s courtship of Saudi Arabia is now grounded. With a little luck, some of the countries that have normalized relations with Israel will file for divorce. Israel’s actions, combined with its mindless support by the imperialistic U.S. and European colonial powers, have also hardened Africans’anti-Israel sentiment.

I’ve been working on a book titled China vs The Jews. The Jews claim that Chinese people like and even admire them. Yet Jews played a major role in China’s devastating opium wars, and Jews control China’s #1 current enemy, the U.S. So, what do the Jews really think about China?

Once again, Hamas forced the issue. Those disgusting Jews pressured China to take their side, condemning Hamas and recognizing the Jews’ right to continue squatting in a country that never was legitimate. The Jews are also warning China to back away from its alliance with Iran.

The biggest assclown in the world, maybe even bigger than Joe Biden, may be Vlodowhore Zelensky, the pResident of Ukraine. As you probably know he’s a Jewish comedian turned politician and is widely accused of corruption. Ukraine was invaded by a big bully, Russia, and is getting aid and support from the U.S. and various European countries. So, you would think Zelensky would empathize with Gaza, which is far smaller and weaker than Ukraine and has been suffering far longer.

Like a loyal Jew, Zelensky immediately condemned Hamas and swore allegiance to Israel! The punch line? It was reported that Ukrainians have been selling some of the weapons they’ve been given by their loyal supporters to Hamas! Is Zelensky part of some Jewish conspiracy that wants Ukraine to be destroyed, just as the Jews in Joe Biden’s administration appear to be intent on crashing America’s economy?

In the meantime, my book Jewhole: The 100 Worst Jews, is nearly finished. The Jews I profiled in my book include Netanyahu, Zelensky, and Rapemaster Alan Dershowitz, a big-mouthed celebrity attorney who’s cheerleading for Israel. In my book, I suggest that Netanyahu is quite likely the most hated Jew on the planet. As he prepares to grind Gaza into dust, his reputation can only sink deeper into the muck, dragging his supporters with him.

For all who support the Palestinians and are protesting against Israel, I ask you to take a look at my websites. It isn’t just Israel vs Palestine. The enemy isn’t limited to Zionism. Jews are a global parasite.

Adolf Hitler had the right idea when he began taking power away from the Jews who were exploiting Germany before deporting them. However, the Holocaust legend is a myth manufactured by the Jews—unfortunately. The world would be a far better place if the Germans really had exterminated as many Jews as they could. There would be no Israel, and the U.S. would have less clout in the Middle East. While the U.S. might still have been controlled by Jews, Germany would be free, serving as a beacon to countries oppressed by Jews.

* * * * *

Unfortunately, none of the books in my Jews 101 series are finished. However, I’m just wrapping up a few loose ends on Jewhole, and I have three other books that are nearly finished. I will certainly publish some books in the series next year (2024), and I may publish one or two this year. I’m still hoping to publish China vs The Jews this year as well.

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