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I ran into some problems when I was migrating this site to a new host, so I decided to create it from scratch. However, I didn’t want to abandon the relatively few comments that were posted on my original site.

So here they are.

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  1. Ariadna on July 3, 2016 at 10:43 am said:

    Great site! A thinking, informed, unafraid and engaged American forum focused on possibly the most important problem of our time. I am not surprised Jewgle is treating it with malign neglect.

    Jewspeak has invaded the English language to the point where we are unable to express our thoughts without footnotes and qualifiers for fear of being branded “racist” or “anti-semitic.” Incidentally, I spotted a pleonasm on this site: “Jewish media.” We must agree that ALL mainstream media (MSM) in the Western world is Jewish owned/directed. That which is not, is not MS, it is “alternative media.”

    To Jewish accusations of “racism” I would respond with Gilad Atzmon’s accurate observation that Jews are definitely not a race but are the most racist of all ethnic groups on earth. “Anti-semitism” (like “scapegoating”) as a Jewish weapon to deflect criticism of nefarious Jewish behaviors has lost its efficacy as more and more people have come to see it for what it is: one of the two tines of the two-pronged Jewish weapons: aggression and victimhood whining. No other group has ever practiced the simultaneous use of both and so successfully at that.

    I like “Jewocracy” but not “Jewarchy” (sorry to say it since it is the site’s name because the latter strikes me as an unwieldy portmanteau word perhaps not immediately clear to all.

    This site can and should sustain much traffic. Its comment policy is sound and wise. Will recommend it to all my friends.

    Thank you for your efforts, which I view as not only patriotic but also grounded in universalist, humanist ethics (the opposite pole of tribally exclusivist and hostile). Good luck in your governorship campaign.

  2. Wow, awesome comment! That’s precisely the kind of feedback I need to make this site really take off.

    You wrote, “We must agree that ALL mainstream media (MSM) in the Western world is Jewish owned/directed. That which is not, is not MS, it is ‘alternative media.’”

    Good point, though Seattle is a little weird in that respect. Our biggest newspaper is the Seattle Times, which has been passed down through several generations of Blethens – who are not Jewish, though the paper is increasingly Zionist. The biggest, most obvious Seattle newspaper that’s purely Jewish is The Stranger, a weekly “alternative” that caters to the gay community.

    You like “Jewocracy” better than “Jewarchy”? Ouch. I was afraid of that.

    It was tough settling on the best choice, and it will frankly take a lot of public exposure and discussion to thrash that one out.

    I kind of prefer Jewarchy because it just sounds more evil to me; maybe it’s because “arch” reminds me of “arch criminal.” Jewocracy sounds more benign, similar to democracy. Also, Jewarchy lends itself to forming a noun – Jewarchist. I suppose the noun form of Jewocracy would be Jewocrat or Jewcrat. Come to think of it, that doesn’t sound too bad – kind of like bureaucrat or educrat.

    So, yes, I could envision a duel between those two words. It would be interesting to see which word was supported by the general public and by etymologists, or whatever you call people who study words.

    Thanks again for your brainy response. I wish there were some intelligent people here in Seattle I could talk to. ?

  3. William Z. Cohen on July 9, 2016 at 6:44 pm said:

    You are nothing but antisemitic.

    How about you monopolize the production of tin foil hats?

  4. Brooks Alexander on July 17, 2016 at 7:32 pm said:

    Q: What is “Anti-Semitism?”

    A: I don’t know, but…if you can tell me what “Semitism” is, I’ll tell you whether I’m opposed to it or not.

  5. Good one; yet another reminder that the word “antisemitism” is nonsense.

  6. Tribes_NatureLaw on October 20, 2016 at 10:39 am said:

    You may be well intended however so-called ‘government’ is jew fraud and has been from the beginning. The so-called ‘founders’ were all cons in the tribe. See ‘washingtons’ face on the bogus ‘dollar’. The jews have used bogus ‘law’ over dupes for centuries when it’s nothing more than a ‘contract’ con, a contract that applies to no one and never did. See “No Treason” by Spooner, copy at fourmilab or jim com. They’ve been killing and conquering us for thousands of years, because masses failed to fight. There have been some, the brave ‘jeezus’ refusers the jews labeled’ ‘heretics’ and tortured to death in their jew ‘vatican’ ‘inquistiions’, – search see the truth webs inquistion -, also the southerners, who the jews infiltrated and conned into their ‘con-fed-eracy’ bs so then jews directed both sides of the slaughter. The problem as always if the ‘heretics’ had made tribes and fought they could have stopped them, same with the southerners. The problem has always been ‘following’. Even now, dupes are still ‘following’. Now, the jews are spraying us with nano chip chemtrails and have put up their towers and smart grid weapons all over us. I suggest you do the math on that, now. Most of ‘alternative media’ is also a mass of jews. The jews are in fact a genetic group, they jack back and forth to keep dupes from realizing it so the size of their tribe isn’t recognized. ‘voting’ ‘republic’ ‘democracy’ it is all slavery and always has been. We are free to have no ‘government’ at all. Natural law is in fact the only law. The jews are anarchists, in a tribe, while everyone else follows bogus ‘law’ dictated by them, as they assign Trillions of bogus ‘debt’ onto us. I don’t post comment without something to do that matters. which is use paper notes with links on them to inform and meet others. LInks such as jewishfaces com which is now at archive org, a few from judicial inc blogspot, thezog.info, holodomorinfo, englishnews jewish christianity page and a few others such as on chemtrails and no treason as above, then put ‘copy pass on’ at the bottom, so others have something they can do. Natural anarchism and tribes is nature. All government is a jew fraud. No one will make you free, that is for you to do. Hand out notes to meet others like you. Make your own tribes. Small tribes best even three is a tribe, you can make many small tribes. The minute it’s a big group the jew infiltrate and take over. They can control big groups that’s why they made the fraud of ‘govt’ and bogus ‘states’, they Can’t control a million tribes of five or ten people. Your free to take back everything that’s been stolen from us, the power, water, everything they’ve stolen. It’s all been a con. I’m from here by the way. My family has been here since the mid 1800’s, and yes we Did ‘build it’, now trashed by the jews and and more destruction coming. Or we can say no. You’re free to copy this to make paper notes with to hand out. Hand out notes, meet others, then you’re doing something.

  7. Tribes_NatureLaw on October 20, 2016 at 10:30 pm said:

    You have censored my post out because you are also a jew, keeping your tribe ‘govt’ scam going. My post inadvertantly worked as a test for whether or not you’re just another jew keeping dupes spinning for the cull. I’ll be putting this fact on the few sites left that aren’t censoring, and on my own page. You can get the fk out of my territory, jew.

    • David W. Blomstromon October 21, 2016 at 12:55 am said:

      I work for a living and am working on several websites and videos in my free time. I never had a chance to review my latest comments (most of which are spam) until now.

      What you say about the Jews posting bogus anti-Jewish sites is true – I suspect most “NeoNazis” are either undercover Jews or white supremacists who have been duped into working for the Jews.

      However, I don’t think any real Jews are going to be promoting a word like Jewarchy. If that word became popular, it would be bad news for the Jewish propagandists who rely so heavily on the word “antisemitism.”

      • Tribes_NatureLawon October 21, 2016 at 7:38 am said:

        The so-called ‘neo-nazis’ are indeed a jew front, same as black lives bs, see judicial inc kosher nazis and kkk link, and the ‘white supremacist’ label is made up and spewed by jews to bash true white people for what jews do, see wethoughttheywerewhite weebly site. There is no such thing a ‘white supremecists’, only ‘white’ skin supremacist jews. It is beyond all excuse for dupes to be continuing to allow ‘govt’ in any form. You have something to bump awareness, now people need to get serious as the situation is serious, natural anarchism tribes is the only way to be free from robbery and suicide by jew. A black man name Greene here did what you are doing last ‘elections’, really for purpose of awareness, having to use the ‘illuminati’ mem which of course there is no such thing, just another cover for the jews, but he did what he could at the time. People need to grow up man up. Hand out notes with links, meet others, make your own tribes or otherwise keep sucking nano chip chemtrails.

        • I agree to a point. However, I don’t agree that there are no white supremacists at all.

          Jews don’t have a monopoly on evil. The white race in general ran colonialism for centuries, and it hasn’t really ended. The Jews have skeletons in their closet, and so do we.

          If I was a minority, I’d hate white people and Jews both. In fact, I’m from a rural area in South Dakota, where there are plenty of Native Americans who have no quarrel with Jews but whose lives were ruined by whites. And there’s still plenty of racism there.

          I think it’s very important to keep things in the political arena in perspective. I do often condemn all Jews, and that’s hard to explain, but it’s partly because I think most Jews are guilty to some degree, if only through their indifference, just as most whites are indifferent to racism.

          There’s also a free speech issue; if the government wants to use MY tax dollars to murder innocent Muslims, then I think I ought to be able to say FUCK THE JEWS.

  8. The biggest mistake in this area is assuming that those who call themselves Jews at this time in history are descendants of the biblical Israelites. If you can deal with scholasticly written books, The Invention Of The Jewish People by Shlomo Sand. So nothing in prophecy that people think is going to happen will play out as expected. Wrong people in Israel.

  9. Twin Ruler on July 20, 2018 at 11:55 am said:

    Jews must have been scared during Vietnam. After all, many who fought there, or had loved ones who fought and died there, may indeed have begun to hate Ho Chi Minh and the rest of the Vietnamese Communists, just about as much as they hated Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. Jews, being Jews, did not like that much. After all, they want all our hatred focused on Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. They do not want it diverted to the Vietnamese, instead.

    And, that is precisely why Hollywood never churns out a single good movie about the Conflict in Indo-China. Why we all have to feel so much guilt about it!

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