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Jewarchy – Jewish power, especially excessive or corrupt power

Jeffrey Epstein Avatar by David Blomstrom is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

You can use this image on any website or in print media (magazines, books, etc.) as long as you include the attribution above. Though not required, it would be nice if you could contact me so I can check out your work and maybe even link to it. Learn more about the king of Jewish pedophiles @ KPow Books.

See my article about America’s most celebrated pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein and get ready for the first authentic book about conspiracy science ever.

In other news, my Jewarchy video was getting a steady flow of traffic on YouTube up until quite recently. After two years, it suddenly died, even though traffic on my Jewarchy and Governor5 sits stayed about the same. Of course, Google (owners of YouTube) was probably playing games, as usual.

Then, just several days ago, YouTube suddenly banned my video. Amazon has banned a lot of books deemed “anti-Semitic” as well. Yet similar books and videos slip by the censors…evidence that they’re actually written by Jews (or Zionist propagandists).

YouTube Ban
Feb. 27, 2017 — Wow, the traffic on both this website and my gubernatorial campaign site is increasing. Sorry, I haven’t had time to update either site much; I’m working on several projects. But I have a BIG surprise in store, though I might not be ready to unveil it until later this year. Stay tuned!

I just created my very first video. Please watch it, link to it, comment on it and share it on both YouTube and Vimeo. It is not in the public domain, and you are not allowed to modify the video without permission. However, I grant permission to embed the video (either the YouTube or Vimeo version) in your webpages.



Jews vs Semites
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This project was largely inspired by the word antisemitism, which is far too confusing, politicized and manipulated to be of any real use. Even Encyclopedia Britannica describes antisemitism as a “misnomer” that implies a hatred of all Semites, including Arabs. (See Encyclopedia Britannica > Anti-Semitism) The logical term for a racially motivated hatred of all Jews is obvious: anti-Jewism. So why don’t people use that term? Antisemitism apparently better serves their hidden agenda.

To make it clear, people who fear or oppose excessive or corrupt Jewish power but aren’t racist are anti-Jewarchist, not antisemitic. People who fear or oppose excessive or corrupt Jewish power but also manifest a racially-motivated hatred of all Jews are both anti-Jewarchist and anti-Jewish (not antisemitic). People who hate both Jews and Arabs (along with other Semites) are antisemitic.

Breaking: The first major search engine to index this website is . . . China’s Baidu! On Oct. 25, 2015, I typed Jewarchy into several major search engines. Jewarchy.com was the first hit in Baidu, but it doesn’t even register with any other search engines, including Google. Nor has Google indexed my campaign website, www.governor5.com. Kinda makes one wonder how much control Jews have over the Internet, huh? Thank you, Baidu!

Update: Baidu and the Russian search engine Yandex linked to this site and my campaign website. By January, 2016, Yahoo and Microshaft’s Bing had joined the party, leaving Google dead last…as in it has yet to index either site. Maybe we should give Google’s Chrome browser a rest and check out Yandex’s new stealth browser. It isn’t as polished as I’d like yet, but it’s probably more secure than any browser made in the USA.

The two images below are in the public domain. Feel free to copy them and post them far and wide on the Internet.

Jewgle Jewgle

And if you’re a fan of useless words, perhaps you can create a word to describe people who hate Jews, Arabs and mongooses (mongeese?).


Why do we have words like Zionism and anti-Zionism but no words for corrupt Jewish groups in general? Why can’t you criticize the Jewish Mafia without being labeled a racist?

Not necessarily racially motivated
1. anti-Zionism – opposition to or hatred of Zionism, which is broadly defined as support for Israel or its more hardline policies
2. anti-Jewarchism – opposition to or hatred of excessively powerful or corrupt Jewish groups, such as Zionism, the Jewish Mafia and the Jews who are widely perceived to control the global economy
Generally perceived as racially motivated
3. anti-Jewism (or antijewism) – opposition to or hatred of Jews
4. anti-Semitism (or antisemitism) – opposition to or hatred of Jews, Arabs and other Semites

This website has three general goals: 1) Explore what we might call the current “Jewish political vocabulary,” 2) educate people regarding “Jewspeak” (propaganda and manipulation), and 3) Promote a) the fair use of existing words and terms and b) the adoption of new words and terms that will facilitate speech that is both more accurate and more fair.

Two specific goals are to 1) get the word antisemitism replaced by anti-Jewism and 2) popularize anti-Jewarchism as a term for the non-racially motivated opposition to, fear or hatred of Jewish groups that are perceived as corrupt and/or too powerful. (The term anti-Zionism is similar, except that it focuses only on Zionists.) It will then be possible to call Henry Kissinger and Jewish bankers names without being labeled a racist.

Let’s help Jews stamp out antisemitism!

I’m not strictly anti-violence, but those who are will find this project the perfect exercise in political activism. Anyone can help achieve the above goals by simply using words like jewarchy or anti-Jewism, putting images like the one on the left on your website, linking to this website or publicizing this project. Learn more about how to get involved here.

Please join the debate on the new Comments page!

This project was inspired in part by The Stranger, a weekly, somewhat pornographic newspaper that serves as Seattle’s primary Zionist mouthpiece, and by two insanely convoluted non-discussions about the meaning of words on the website English Language u0026amp; Usage (Word for people who hate some but not all jews and What rule(s) does this question violate?) which nicely illustrate the need for a new Jewish political vocabulary. The need for an improved Jewish political vocabulary has been endorsed by the Fifth Republic Party.

David W. Blomstrom, WebRanger

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