Israel our ally?

My philosophy regarding Israel is quite simple. It is a bastard nation founded by religious kooks, an illegitimate terrorist state forged out of two world wars that were started by the Jews, who then blamed them on the Germans.

Israel has no right to exist. In fact, its very existence is a perversion of both international law and morality. I pray that I live to see the day that Israel is destroyed and replaced by Palestine.

Although Zionism is indeed a disgusting belief system, I do not agree with those who claim it is the Jews’ only crime. Israel is rabidly supported by millions of Jews around the world, including banksters, corrupt politicians, media whores, pornographers, and drug lords.

Adding to the irony is the fact that most of the Jews living in Israel aren’t even authentic Semites. They’re European trailer park trash descended from ancient kooks who decided to convert to some backwater religion, forming a cult that is perhaps best known for usury, huscksterism, and incest.

To put it in perspective, imagine if someone living in Europe fell in love with the religion of the Incas. Carried away with his obsession, he eventually convinces himself that he is descended from Inca ancestors. So, he starts preaching the gospel of Incaism, converting his fellow morons.

After acquiring power—largely through usury and propaganda—they start two world wars, which they conveniently blame on the Germans. Before you know it, the colonial powers that are controlled by the Incaists carve out a new country in Peru, designating it a homeland for the Incaists, who immediately embark on a campaign of genocide as they set their sites on making all of Peru their own.

Of course, no one can criticize the Incaists,. because they’re God’s chosen people, according to the religion they founded. Nor can anyone defeat them, because they’re supported by the most powerful countries on the planet, notably the U.S., Germany, UK., and France.

Fortunately, Israel’s enemies are growing in power, and China is rapidly forcing the U.S. into retirement, if not collapse. It is absolutely possible that Israel could cease to exist in the near future, and we should do everything we can to make sure it happens.

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