Below is a list of words that might be broadly classified as Jewish or anti-Jewish (or anti-Jewarchistic) socio-political terms. Many are derogatory, and a few may even be illegal under certain circumstances in certain countries. It is generally recommended that you avoid using most of these words unless you understand their various meanings and how they’re interpreted by various peoples and institutions. Using certain words in the wrong context or environment could provoke an assault or might conceivably even get you in legal trouble.

On the other hand, Jewarchists are increasingly infringing on our freedom of speech, and the best way to fight back is to push the envelope. Hopefully, the definitions below and associated resources will help you do so intelligently.

Note: The three columns on the right indicate words that are featured on the websites Merriam-Webster (M-W), Wiktionary (Wik) and Urban Dictionary (UD). See the support page for a table listing the relative popularity of some of these words on the Internet.
    Definition M-W Wik UD
anti-Jewish adj. opposed to or hating Jews; a simpler, more accurate, more fair and less manipulated term than antisemitic      
Millions of people around the world are borderline anti-Jewish, but most NeoNazis appear to hate all minorities.      
anti-Jewism noun the opposition to or hatred of Jews; a simpler, more accurate, more fair and less manipulated term than antisemitism   Wik  
Anti-Jewism is most closely associated with Europe, though it has spread far and wide, thanks in part to Israel’s hardline policies.      
anti-Semite noun literally, one who hates Semites; popularly but mistakenly applied to people who hate Jews   Wik UD
Caught between feuding Jews and Arabs, he became an anti-Semite.      
antisemitic (or anti-Semitic) adj. literally harboring a hostility towards Semites, though more commonly applied to people who are hostile towards Jews * Wik UD
Criticism of Israel should be regarded as anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish (aka antisemitic)!      
antisemitism (or anti-Semitism) noun literally, hatred of Semite, but more generally recognized as hostility toward or discrimination against Jews, especially as a religious, ethnic, or racial group M-W Wik UD
Why is antisemitism regarded as criminal in some countries that turn a blind eye to the wholesale slaughter of Muslims, including Arabs?      
antizionism (or anti-Zionism) noun opposition to Zionism or, by extension, Israel   Wik UD
Antizionism is increasing worldwide, putting pressure on the Zionazis.      
antizionist (or anti-Zionist) noun one who is opposed to Zionism, Israel or Israel’s more hardline policies.      
Perhaps the greatest hero of our generation, Colonel Gaddafi was a staunch anti-Zionist and a tireless defender of people oppressed by Zionism.      
antizionist (or anti-Zionist) adj. opposed to Zionism or, by extension, Israel   Wik  
The arrogant Pissraelis are trying to make antizionism – including merely criticizing Israeli policies – an international crime.      
BDS noun acronym for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and, by extension, the BDS Movement, a global campaign against Zionism launched by Palestinians   Wik UD
BDS is a public relations nightmare for Israel, which is almost certainly the most hated nation on the planet.      
BDSL noun acronym for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions and Language      
BDSL’s specific goals include replacing the word antisemitism with anti-Jewism (a far simpler and more accurate term) and popularizing the term jewarchy.      
circumcision noun a ritual surgical operation performed on a male infant’s penis; usually associated with Jews, though commonly practiced by Muslims, Christians and others M-W Wik UD
News of infants contracting herpes from the practice of oral suction circumcision doesn’t bode well for public acceptance of this ancient ritual.      
gentile noun a person who is non-Jewish M-W Wik UD
How can gentiles allow themselves to be controlled and exploited by a relative handful of Jews?      
holocaust noun an event or situation, especially involving fire or a Nuclear explosion, in which many people are killed and many things are destroyed; when capitalized (and often preceded by the), it generally refers to the persecution of Jews by Nazis shortly before and during WWII M-W Wik UD
Some people wonder why more than four centuries of Native American genocide is largely ignored while memorializing the Jewish Holocaust has become a virtual religion.      
Holocaust denial noun the act of denying there was a Jewish Holocaust, either because an individual doesn’t believe the Holocaust happened or s/he has a political agenda; often applied to people who merely question details of the mainstream Holocaust account     UD
If questioning the cause and scope of the Holocaust makes me guilty of Holocaust denial, then I pronounce myself guilty.      
Holocaust industry noun term for a virtual industry that is based on exploiting the Holocaust      
If America’s black community could exploit slavery the way Jews exploit the Holocaust industry, poverty would be greatly diminished.      
Holohoax noun a common nickname for the Jewish Holocaust, suggesting it either never happened or the details of the official account are inaccurate (see also Holohoax)   Wik UD
Some Holohax fans claim most deaths of Jewish prisoners in Nazi concentration camps were the result of disease, not gas chambers, of which little evidence has reportedly been found.      
Holomyth noun a common nickname for the Jewish Holocaust, suggesting it either never happened or the details of the official account are inaccurage (see also Holomyth)      
Long discredited stories about Jews being made into soap and lampshades fuel the belief that the Holocaust is actually a Holomyth.      
IsraHell (or Israhell) noun common derogatory name for Israel (see also Pissrael)   Wik UD
I read a provocative article about IsraHell on      
JAP noun acronym for Jewish American Princess   Wik UD
Jew noun 1) a person who embraces Judaism; 2) a person who is considered Jewish because of his or her ancestry (an ethnic Jew); 3) a derogatory term for gentiles who are perceived as greedy, corrupt or unduly wealthy (for more details, see the article Jew.) M-W Wik UD
Bill Gates is nothing but a software Jew.      
Jew verb to haggle, attempt to gain an unfair price in a business deal or defraud; to screw   Wik UD
The Jewish attorney Jewed him out of most of his savings.      
Jew World Order noun a nickname for the New World Order suggesting the common belief that it is or will be ruled by Jewish interests      
We’ll know the Jew World Order is here when every nation on Earth has a Rothschild bank and an annual holiday commemorating the Holocaust.      
Jewarchism noun a belief in or practice of Jewish control or authority      
It’s a well known fact that Jews control Hollywood, but is true that the global economy is dominated by Jewarchism, too?      
Jewarchist noun a Jew who’s very powerful or who advocates Jewish control      
The most prominent living Jewarchist is likely either Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Jacob Rothschild, an investment banker who some say is the richest person in the world.      
Jewarchy noun an organization, system or country controlled by Jews; similar to Jewocracy      
Some people think the New World Order will be a Jewarchy.      
Jewborg noun A Jew who’s very powerful, especially one who is affiliated with multiple scandals, monopolies, etc.      
No wonder Zionists love Bill Gates; he may be the ultimate Jewborg, even if he isn’t Jewish (or is he?).      
Jewborgism noun 1) the ability of Jews, or Jewarchists, to seemingly assimilate everything in their path, similar to the Borg of Star Trek fame; 2) the act of taking over or the process of being taken over by Jewish groups      
Syria and Argentina illustrate the disparate tactics that facilitate Jewborgism.      
Jewish American princess noun a stereotyped Jewish-American female, portrayed as selfish, materialistic and pampered because of her wealthy background     UD
Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, might have been mistaken for a Jewish American princess even before she converted to Judaism in 2009.      
Jewish banker noun a term applied to any Jewish individual involved in the banking industry, especially one who is especially powerful and/or corrupt; by extention, the term may be loosely applied to Jewish individuals who have undue influence over the global economy, such as economists (e.g. Milton Friedman) and vulture capitalists (e.g. Paul Singer)      
Argentina’s economy was nearly wrecked by Paul Singer, who’s little more than a Jewish banker masquerading as a vulture capitalist and a Republican Zionist to boot.      
Jewish gene noun term for genetic material that is uniquely Jewish or that suggests a Jewish lineage; especially applied to genes that are supposedly linked to hereditary diseases related to inbreeding      
When Angelina Jolie had her breasts, ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, the media began talking about her “Jewish gene,” even though she isn’t Jewish.      
Jewish Mafia noun common nickname for Jewish-American organized crime (see also Kosher Nostra)     UD
Few people are aware that the Jewish Mafia ruled organized crime in Cuba before the Cuban Revolution.      
Jewish swastika noun popular derogatory term for the Star of David, a popular symbol of Israel and Zionism      
Why are flags bearing the Jewish swastika allowed to fly in public when the Nazi swastika is widely outlawed?      
Jewocracy noun an organization, system or country controlled by Jews; similar to Jewarchy     UD
Its incestuous ties with Israel foster the growing perception that the United States has become a Jewocracy.      
Jewocrat (or Jewcrat) noun a Jew serving as a public official or bureacrat      
Famous U.S. Jewocrats include Henry Kissinger and Alan Greenspan.      
Jewopolism noun the monopolization of something by a Jewish entity      
The Jewopolism of Seattle’s real estate industry may be a major factor in the ever rising cost of homes and rent.      
Jewopolist noun a Jew or Jewish organization that runs a monopoly      
Ben Bridge, (Jew)eller, can probably be considered a Jewopolist in Seattle’s diamond trade, though Bill Gates has more control over the city’s corporatized public schools.      
Jewopoly noun a monopoly controlled by a Jew(s) or a Jewish organization(s)     UD
The diamond industry has always been a Jewopoly, though Indians have now gained a foothold.      
Jewpath noun literally, a bad Jew (compare to psychopath or sociopath)      
Paul Singer is just another Jewpath.      
Jewpathy noun the condition of being a Jewpath      
The most prominent symptom of global Jewpathy may be the existence of Israel.      
Jewphobia noun fear or Jews     UD
Even non-racists may experience Jewphobia, given all the conspiracy theories swirling around Zionism, the Jewish Mafia, Jewish bankers and the Jew World Order.      
Jewspeak noun literally the language used by Jews: 1) slang for Hebrew; 2) Jewish propaganda   Wik UD
In Jewspeak, asking questions about the official Holocaust account translates as antisemitism, which in turn translates as racism.      
Jewthink noun literally the Jewish mindset: 1) the way Jews think; 2) in the political arena, Jewish propaganda and manipulation      
Encouraging people to physically assault political activist who compare Obama to Adolf Hitler, as The Stranger does, is an example of Jewthink.      
kike noun offensive term for a Jewish person M-W Wik UD
People allegedly called Henry Kissinger “Jew boy” to his face in the White House, but it’s doubtful that anyone stooped to calling him a kike.      
Kosher Nostra noun common nickname for Jewish-American organized crime (see also Jewish Mafia) M-W   UD
Instrumental in the creation of Las Vegas, Bugsy Siegel was among the most famous members of the Kosher Nostra.      
maljewism noun 1) that portion of the global Jewish community that can be characterized as bad or corrupt; roughly synonymous with Jewarchism; 2) all the bad things associated with Jews, especially those that are real or true      
Zionism is just the tip of the iceberg that is maljewism.      
oral suction circumcision noun an ancient Jewish ceremony (brit milah in Hebrew) in which a rabbi sucks on the penis of a circumcised baby      
Oral suction circumcision might sound like a relatively harmless outlet for pedophiles were it not for the infants who have contracted herpes from infected rabbis.      
Pissrael noun a derogatory name for Israel (see also Israhell)      
“Death to Pissrael!” is a popular sentiment among many Muslims and non-Muslims alike.      
pogrom noun an organized massacre of helpless people, usually because of their race or religion; applied especially to Jews M-W Wik UD
Europe has been the scene of many anti-Jewish pogroms, culminating in the Holocaust and perhaps on the verge of a renaissance in the form of an anti-Zionist backlash.      
Rothschild bank noun 1) a bank associated with N.M. Rothschild u0026amp; Sons Limited, a British multinational investment banking company controlled by the Rothschild family; 2) commonly applied to any bank believed to be controlled by the Rothschild family, which some people believe control virtually all banks.      
Some political observers say the only countries without a Rothschild bank in the early years of the 21st century were Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea and Sudan. However, Libya’s indepenent bank was effectively destroyed by NATO, while Hungary reportedly ditched its Rothschild bank in 2013.      
self-hating Jew noun term applied to 1) Jews who hate themselves (often because of widespread anti-Jewish sentiment), or 2) Jews who speak out against problems or corruption in the Jewish community (see also self-loathing Jew)     UD
Norman Finkelstein, author of The Holocaust Industry, has not surprisingly been labeled a self-hating Jew.      
self-loathing Jew noun term applied to 1) Jews who hate themselves (often because of widespread anti-Jewish sentiment), or 2) Jews who speak out against problems or corruption in the Jewish community (see also self-hating Jew)      
Many critics have described Henry Kissinger as a self-loathing Jew.      
Shoa business noun a nickname reportedly commonly used by Jews for the lucrative Holocaust industry      
While minorities are often derided as “welfare queens,” some Jews like to boast that “There’s no business like Shoa business.      
ZioNazi (or Zionazi) noun nickname for Zionists, who are often compared to Nazis and are even believed by some to be linked to Nazis   Wik UD
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a visible reminder of the thin line separating Nazis and ZioNazis.      
Zionism noun 1) originally the belief in the Jews’ destiny to have their own country; 2) the belief in Israel’s right to exist; 3) the support of Israel’s more hardline policies M-W Wik UD
Many see Zionism as one of our generation’s greatest political curses.      
Zionist noun one who supports Zionism, whether Jew or gentile * Wik UD
Many U.S. Christians have transformed into Zionists after being brainwashed into believing that Jews are their allies against what they perceive as pagan Muslims.      
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