Why are Jews such assholes?

Jews have a remarkably two-sided reputation. In some quarters, they are viewed as God’s chosen people, innocent lambs who have been unfairly persecuted for 13,000 years. However, millions of people around the world have a drastically different opinion.

Jews are commonly seen as the original hucksters, a tribe of arrogant, lying, back-stabbing perverts who think they’re God’s chosen people, even though their true god is money. Some people will tell you that Jews invented modern gambling and pornography. Jews are the premier global drug lords, and they have also played prominent roles in slavery and sex trafficking. Wall Street banksters, Las Vegas gambling moguls, and Hollywood serial rapists are predominantly Jews.

Jews control the global economy, the media, and most other major institutions. The U.S. has become little more than an Israeli vassal, and Jews are deliberately destroying our public schools. Jews even started both world wars, then fabricated their Holocaust fairy tale. I could go on, but you probably know the drill.

After studying Jewarchy for nearly a decade, I’ve come to the conclusion that all the charges listed above are true. In fact, some are so obviously true, you have to be a moron to believe otherwise. All this begs the question what makes Jews such extraordinary assholes?

For a little perspective we might ask a second question: are Jews history’s biggest assholes?

Are Jews more evil, perverted, or destructive than the imperialistic bastards who controlled the Roman Empire? How do they compare to the Mongols? The Spanish and British empires?

That’s a question I’ll explore in one of my books. For now, I can’t offer a definitive answer, though there is evidence that the Jews do indeed qualify as history’s premier assholes. After all, they started both world wars while blaming them on the Germans. Many people believe Jews controlled the Soviet Union, which was one of history’s greatest Frankensteins. Rather than borrow ideas from other people, Jews also appear to have a rare talent for inventing creepy things. They invented the atomic bomb—twice, for the U.S. and the Soviet Union. As mentioned above, Jews pioneered organized crime (including gambling), pornography, and the global drug racket. It’s also worth noting that Jews have one helluva long track record, mastering propaganda and promoting usury more than 2,000 years ago.

I believe that Jews easily qualify as the most evil group of people in the world today. But why? What makes them so evil?

I suggest three primary reasons:

  • power
  • religion
  • genetics

Power ˆ

Have you ever heard the following maxim?

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Although it is possible for nice people to be powerful, it’s awfully hard to become a billionaire without playing dirty pool. And who ever heard of a decent person getting (s)elected to the office of U.S. pResident, Congress, or just about any other office? People who are born into wealthy, powerful families tend to be snotty and not terribly empathetic with the people their peers exploit.

In plain English, Jewish evil, or Jewarchy, is largely a simple reflection of their extraordinary power. Traditionally, the Jews’ power was said to revolve around money. They were the masters of usury centuries ago, and they were recruited by royal figures to manage and manipulate money during the Middle Ages. The 18th century saw the rise of the Rothschilds and other infamous European “Jewish bankers” who amassed dazzling fortunes.

However, money isn’t the only factor. Jews’ extraordinary penchant for lying and deception, combined with modern technology, gives them an astonishing ability to mold and even destroy people’s minds. At the same time, Jews’ political instincts and talent for organizing have helped them infiltrate and seize control of diverse institutions in countries around the world. It sometimes seems that Jews have absolute power, so how could they not be absolutely corrupt?

Religion ˆ

Not all Jews are religious, of course, but Judaism and Zionism are powerful forces in the Jewish community. Their belief that they are God’s chosen people contributes to the Jews’ trademark arrogance. This belief also contributes to their differing ethical standards. Non-Jews are commonly deemed unworthy of respect, making it easier to exploit, rape, or kill them.

Judaism also teaches that God created the universe for humans, who have “dominion” over all other creatures. This super arrogant philosophy was injected into Christianity, which evolved out of Judaism. If you’ve never heard of a Jewish environmentalist, you now know why. More than the world’s greatest racists, Jews hate the very planet they live on.

Genetics ˆ

Jews claim they are genetically superior to other people. In particular, they claim they are born with higher IQs on average. There are also claims that Jews can inherit stress. In fact, some hucksters want the children of “Holocaust survivors” to receive compensation for the horrors their parents allegedly experienced.

If Jews can inherit a high IQ and Holocaust Stress Syndrome, what else can they inherit? Are the Jews’ obsession with money and aptitude for mind games part of a family recipe passed from one generation to the next, or are they actually baked into their genes. In other words, are Jews genetic assholes?

Perhaps the answer is lurking among the pedophiles posing as rabbis in the Orthodox Jewish community.

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