So Long, Super Jew

First there was Alexander the Great, then Genghis Khan. In the early 19th century, Europe was torn asunder by Napoleon, whose reputation as a battlefield technician was clinched at Austerlitz.

Then there was the fledgling state of Israel, which easily defeated a coalition of Arab states in the legendary Six-Day War in 1967. What else could one expect from the people who wrote the Bible, established Hollywood and modern Las Vegas, dominate the Nobel Prize sweepstakes, and control the global economy, along with the world’s most powerful countries?

In fact, the Six-Day War, like all of Israel’s wars, was rigged, similar to the Nobel Prize. The Jews—including both Israelis and their Zionist supporters around the world—begged, extorted, or stole state of the art weapons and military technology from the various countries the Jews control. Their vast network of spies and allies fed them invaluable intelligence. For good measure, they weren’t held back by morality or international conventions. Israel’s logo could just as well be a middle finger.

Still, the Anglo-Zionist war machine masquerading as an Israeli comic book hero seemed invincible. No coalition of Arab states could defeat it, the United Nations couldn’t force it to renounce genocide, and no one could stop the U.S. and European allies from showering endless support on the smelly newcomer in the Middle East. Surely, it was just a matter of time before Jews controlled every country in the world.

How quickly things changed. First, Jews had to contend with the rise of China, which has taken a huge bite out of their global empire. Even better, China has an ever growing presence in the Middle East, even as it threatens to downsize Israel’s most powerful ally, the United States.

A second factor is reality. Try as they might, even an army of Jewish propagandists can’t make the tribe’s crimes and vices magically disappear. From Bernie Madoff to Harvey Weinstein, Benjamin Netanyahu to the fugitive pedophile Roman Polanski, the Jews have acquired a reputation as global scum, even if people are reluctant to talk about it in public. (Check out my book Jewhole.)

A third factor is the Jews’ arrogance. The Jews have long been remarkable for their ability to infiltrate and seize control of organizations, institutions, and entire countries while hiding in the shadows. pResidents Woodrow Wilson, George W. Bush, Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden are non-Jews, but they did the Jews bidding. However, the Jewish advisors who convinced Wilson to lead the U.S. into World War I kept a relatively low profile. The Jews were more visible under Bush and Obama, while Trump and Biden openly whore for the Jews. In fact, the Clintons and Trump married their children to Jews.

Then the Jews did something so monstrously stupid and arrogant, it took my breath away. On October 7, 2023, Jewish media whores began broadcasting the news—straight from the mouths of their Israeli cronies—that the Palestinian organization Hamas had launched a devastating surprise attack against Israel, killing some 1,500 people. The death toll was later downgraded to 1,200, then it was lowered again after it was revealed that many of the victims were actually killed by Israeli helicopter pilots. Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared the attack to 9/11, one of the most famous false flag attacks ever.

While international Jewry used 9/11 as an excuse for launching a war against Muslims (masquerading as a war against terror), 10/7 became the pretext for a war against Gaza (masquerading as a war against Hamas).

The situation is horrific, with some two million Palestinians trapped in what is commonly described as an open-air prison as Israeli storm troopers rain bombs and artillery shells down on them. Though the Israeli military has suffered some losses, it clearly has the upper hand, and Gaza’s days may be numbered.

The ultimate martyrs, most Gazans could well end up dead or displaced, forced into exile in other countries. However, the price tag borne by the Jews could be steeper than they bargained for.

Compare Gaza to the Six-Day War. Gaza isn’t even a country, yet the Jews have been attacking it for more than three month, with no quick end in sight. Moreover, the Jews persuaded “Genocide Joe” Biden to dispatch several war ships, including two aircraft carriers, to the region. So much for the cowardly Jews fighting their own wars.

The Jews stupidly compounded their problems with their trademark arrogant bullshit. They insist that Palestinians aren’t the victims of genocide, they’re all terrorists who deserve to die, and the Jews are God’s chosen people. If there was any doubt that the Jews are a tribe of delusional assholes, that doubt should have been erased in the minds of rational people. In fact, the Palestinians are easily winning the war for public support, with millions of people around the world protesting on their behalf. If the Jews are trying to dig their own grave, they’ve been wildly successful.

Suddenly, the Jews are naked, having arrogantly stripped themselves of their fake veneer of respectability.

Before 10/7, Israel was enjoying great success at normalizing relations with its Arab neighbors, something that was deeply troubling. The star of the show was Saudi Arabia, which was reportedly ready to sign on the dotted line. Now Saudi Arabia is a member of BRICS, making it even less likely that it will ever shake hands with the dirty Jews. After 10/7, Ukraine’s Jewish leader, Vlodowhore Zelensky, quickly announced his support for Israel, even as he was targeted with another round of corruption accusations. The ever worsening situation in the Middle East is diverting attention and resources from Ukraine.

Then there’s Yemen, a tiny country that many people had never even heard of before the waning days of 2023. Yemen’s Houthis began attacking commercial shipping associated with Israel, laughing at U.S. threats of retaliation. When the U.S. bombed Yemen, they laughed louder. Viva Yemen!

Between Yemen and its ally, Iran, Muslims control the entrances to both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

And it gets still better, because the future looks grim for Israel and its U.S. puppet both. As China continues growing in power, its footprint in the Middle East will also grow, in turn strengthening the Arab states that will never break bread with the Israeli whores in their midst. There are rumors that China may establish a military base in Oman, located on the west bank of the strategic Strait of Hormuz. China is also going to build a mega-canal in Iran that some predict will greatly boost Iran’s economic might. I’m actually opposed to the canal on environmental grounds. However, it will be built, and the Jews are doubtless shitting their pants over it.

Whatever hard-won international prestige the upstart nation of Israel had acquired has now been shredded. It has alienated governments from South Africa to Latin America.

I predict a bleak future for Israel, and I’m praying more fervently than ever for the day the illegitimate terrorist state is wiped off the map, replaced by Palestine. At the same time, I’m also hoping for global blowback, with Jews being targeted from Wall Street to Argentina. Imagine a world without Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Jewish media, and Jewish porn. Better yet, imagine a world without Jews.

In that spirit, we are all Palestine.

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