Quick: How many credible conspiracy theories involving Jews can you name?


As you may know, Jews don’t like being associated with conspiracy. They call such claims “antisemitic,” which is ironically a major conspiracy itself. You see, Jews claim they have virtually nothing to do with conspiracy, even as Jewish conspirators work tirelessly to brainwash people into believing the most ridiculous things about conspiracy and conspiracy theory.

Pardon the arrogance, but I’m one of the foremost authorities on conspiracy science. I published What Is Conspiracy? a year or two ago, and I’m now working on my opus, Conspiracy Science. However, when I asked ChatGPT who the foremost authority on conspiracy science, it didn’t mention my name. Instead, it cited Richard Hofstadter, Michael Barkun, Daniel Pipes, Robert Alan Goldberg, Kathryn S. Olmstead, and Karen M. Douglas.

Check out Conspiracy1.

The first four are Jews and can be further described as assclowns. I’m not sure if Olmsted or Douglas are Jews, but they are clearly working for the Jews. These six people combined won’t teach you a damn thing about conspiracy science.

In a nutshell, conspiracy is so insanely common, I sometimes call it the handmaiden of corruption—and it should be pretty obvious by now that American society reeks of corruption.

Though virtually anyone can conspire to do something bad, more powerful and politically connected people have a better chance of successfully carrying out conspiracies. They are also more likely to attempt bigger, more complex conspiracies. Since Jews have such an extraordinary amount of power and are also known for their extraordinary corruption, it is only logical that they should be closely associated with conspiracy.

To put it in perspective, who would you be more likely to suspect of being involved in a political coup or assassination in Latin Ameria, the U.S. or some country in Africa? The U.S. virtually owns Latin America, and the U.S. is in turn controlled by Jews. Therefore, it is logical to suspect that many major Latin American conspiracies are the work of the U.S. and/or Jews. If you find that hard to believe, do some research on Henry Kissiner, a Jewish terrorist who served as Secretary of State under pResident Richard Nixon.

Incidentally, I believe Jews orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and I also think they were probably behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who may have been America’s best president.

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