World War II

What are you thinking this very moment? Has your pulse quickened?

World War II

I freely display pictures of Adolf Hitler and a “Nazi” flag on this page. What does that mean? Am I a Neo-Nazi? Am I an evil racist, or simply a kook?

Hating evil people isn’t juzt OK; we should hate them. That’s why I hate Benjamin Netanyahu and lot of other scumbags, not all of them Jews. However, your hatred should be rational. If you believe the Jews’ bullshit that Hitler had just one testicle, had syphilis, wanted to conquer the world, and started World War II all by himself, you’re sadly mistaken. Similarly, only a fool would believe the Jews’ Holocaust narrative.

Do you know what a “Holocaust survivor” is? A Jew who survives a brutal captivity in a labor camp would obviously qualify as a Holocaust survivor. Yet one of the most famous Holocaust survivors is the famous pedophile Roman Polanski, who never spent one day in a labor camp. He was simply in Poland when it was invaded by Germany, though he fled before he could be captured. Such “Holocaust survivors” can collect Holocaust welfare for the rest of their lives, while countless millions of non-Jews who suffered during WWII never received one penny in compensation.

As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and it gets still stranger. You see, what I wrote above could get me arrested in some countries, including Canada. I certainly couldn’t publish my book, World War True, if I lived in Canada.

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