What is the Jews’ worst crime. vice, or trait? They are perhaps most famously associated with money. In more recent times, they have become poster children for everything from terrorism and war to pornography and rape. The most famous pedophile in the world may be Roman Polanski, who is also a “Holocaust survivor.”

Dishonest Jew

Let me suggest another candidate: dishonesty. The word sounds lame next to terrorism, war, and pedophilia, but take a closer look.

Deception is one of the most powerful weapons in the Jews’ arsenal. Jews established a reputation as hucksters long ago. In modern times, they dominated psychology, philosophy, and mind control. The legendary fraud Sigmund Freud is a reminder that the Jews aren’t necessarily interested in advancing psychology or philosophy. Rather, they infiltrate and subvert them to serve their own self-serving interests.

The lies spouted by an army of media whores, many of them Jews, pave the way for some of the most monstrous crimes in recorded history. Would the U.S. have invaded Iraq if the media hadn’t helped George W. Bush spread his bogus claim about the country’s alleged weapons of mass destruction?

The Jews’ trademark dishonesty has even manifested itself in the reinvention of the English language. Even Encylopedia Britannica calls “antisemitism” a misnomer. When used by the Jews, it’s literally a lie. And what the hell is “Holocaust denial”? When I earlier mentioned the fact that Roman Polanski is a Holocaust survivor, you probaby had visions of the poor pedophile being tortured in a Nazi concentration camp. In fact, Polanski was living in Poland when the Germans invaded the country. His family quickly left the country, and not a hair on Polanski’s head was harmed. However, the Jews classify Polanski as a Holocaust survivor simply because he was in a country that was invaded by Germany. Using that logic, every French citizen could be labeled a Holocaust survivor, even though the French initiated hostilities by declaring war on Germany. Of course, most French citizen aren’t Jews, so their fate would not have been relevant. Only God’s chosen people can qualify as Holocaust survivors.

The Jews have been lying and deceiving for so long and with such intensity, that they have actually become the lie. Scientists have found no evidence to support the biblical claim that the Jews were held as slaves in ancient Egypt. (The Bible was written by Jews, or course.) An Israeli professor named Shlomo Sand discovered that the fabled Jewish diaspora is also a myth. The Ashkenazi Jews are apparently descended from European trailer park trash, not Jews that were driven out of Israel by the Romans.

The Holocaust is a can of worms. The Germans did hate the Jews, but there was nothing irrational or unjust about their hatred. They held the Jews accountable, and great numbers of Jews locked up in labor camps undoubtedly died. However, the Jews have spouted so many lies about the Holocaust, it’s almost impossible to know the truth.

This begs an intriguing question: Do the Jews believe their own bullsht?

In fact, Jews may be the most brainwashed group of people on the planet. My theory is that the more powerful Jews who pull the strings are fully aware of their bullshit, but the masses are brainwashed. Let me give you an example.

When I was in college, one of my first room mates was Jewish. One day we were walking across campus when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Not far away was a student who was rather striking in appearance. He was dressed in black, including a black cape. He was an art major who was known for his rather flamboyant appearance.

My room mate thought he was a “Nazi,” and he was visibly terrified.

At the time, I knew very little about Jews and Nazis. It would be decades before I fully comprehended my room mate’s delusion. No, people who wear black clothing aren’t necessarily Nazis. If he had been a Nazi, how could he have recognized my blonde room mate as a Jew? Finaly, if the evil Nazi art student did have some magical Jew-detector built into his brain, was he really going to walk up to my room mate and sling him over his shoulder in broad daylight, then take him to his home, which had a secret torture chamber in the basement?

When I’m assailed by Jews, I never know if they’re propagandists who are knowingly spoutinkg bullshit or brainless dupes who are unknowingly blowing hot air. Frankly, I find both disgusting.

In summary, the Jews can be seen as a tribe of liars who have transformed themselves into village idiots. Fortunately, their house of cards may finally be crashing.

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