On another page, I argued that you cannot understand politics unless you first have an understanding of the human mind and mind control. Similarly, you cannot understand Jewish issues if you don’t first have some knowledge of what I call Jewspeak.


Jews are the masters of mind control. They gained a reputation as hucksters long ago and more recently infiltrated and subverted science and philosophy. Many notable psychologists are Jews, and some of the most familiar contemporary philosophers are actually Jewish quacks posing as philosopohers.

Not content to play games with people’s minds, the Jews decided to reinvent the English language. Look at the picture above. How many of those words can you define? Which words were coined by Jews?

The 800-pound gorilla in your face is probably antisemitism, a word Encylopedia Britannica describes as a misnomer. I treat “antisemitism” like a nonsensical term or obscenity that should be ignored or condemend. These are the terms I use instead:

  • anti-Jew—the hatred or condemnation of all Jews.
  • anti-Jewarchy—the hatred of excessive Jewish power and corruption.
  • anti-Zionism—the hatred of Zionism, a religious cult that claims European Jews have some mystical genetic connection to the Middle East, and they have the right to invade and occupy Palestine, rebranding it as a de facto theocratic homeland for Jews.

No one hates Zionism more than I do. However, I seldom use the term because it can suggest that Zionism is the Jews’ only problem, when it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg.

Anti-Jewarchy includes, but isn’t limited to, anti-Zionism. I coined the term Jewarchy and consider myself an anti-Jewarchist. However, I often waver between anti-Jewarhism and anti-Jewism. I’ll have more to say about antisemitism under “Rantisemitism.”

The Holocaust circus is discussed in more detail under “Holocrap.” In a nutshell, you should avoid using the term “Holocaust” when discussing that particular event, because it’s a loaded word that the Jews manipulate and exploit with a vengeance. Below is a short list of bullshit terms the Jews have concoted to screw with people’s minds.

  • Holocaust—the imagined extermination of six million Jews in gas chambers by evil German people who had an irrational hatred of Jews.
  • Holocaust denial—the act of contradicting or even questioning the mainstream Holocaust narrative, which was written by the Jews.
  • Holocaust survivor—a term apparently describing a person who survived something really horrifying. Guess again.
  • double genocide—a weird way of saying that the Jews’ “Holocaust” was the only genocide that occurred during WWII, or that similar (or even worse) genocides simply shouldn’t be discussed, apparently because they “trivialize” the Jews’ Holocaust.

So what should we call the Holocaust? What do we call the extraordinary number of innocent Soviet citizens who were murdered by Joseph Stalin? What do we call the millions of innocent Africans who were killed by Belgium’s King Leopold. Nothing. And if they don’t merit a more descriptive title than “Stalin’s purges,” then why do the Jews need a fancy title for their misfortune, which was mild in comparison to the other two events?

Holocaust denial is an utterly stupid, childish term. Historians disagree with each other all the time. They ask questions, as do all scientists. If a person believes the Trojan War never really happened, are we going to act like four-year-olds and call him a Trojan War denier?

The term “Holocaust survivor” suggests a person who has survived a terrible ordeal. In fact, it is reserved for Jews who were merely present in countries that were invaded by German soldiers during WWII. The famous Jewish pedophile Roman Polanski ranks among the world’s most famous Holocaust survivors, even though he was never shot at or captured by German troops and never spent one day in a labor camp.

The word “genocide” was coined by a Jew who was also a Zionist, which makes him one helluva a hypocrite. To this day, no one knows exactly what it means. Genocide is commonly defined as the extermination of an entire racial or ethnic group. However, some define it as the attempted eradication of such a group. Adolf Hitler was innocent on both counts, as he (unfotunately) didn’t exterminate every Jew on the planet, and he couldn’t have even attempted such a feat without first conquering the world.

At the other extreme, some people define genocide as little more the killing of multiple people based on group identity. If a lunatic Repblican like Lindsey Graham murdered three Democrats, he could be accused of genocide by this definition. Whatever.

“Nazi” is a derogatory nickname for members of Hitler’s National Socialist Pary. (I have far more respect for the National Socialists than I do for the U.S. Democratic or Republican parties, by the way.)

Fascism is similar to genocide in that no one really knows what it means. Some define it as a tendency towards autocratic rule, which maksthe U.S. and many other counties fascist. If we specify dictatorial rule, then we narrow the field considerably. If we define fascism as nationalistic and militaristic state ruled by a dictator, then we seem to be focusing on World War II-era Germany and Italy. SOme people also describe WWII-era Japan as a fascist state . . . but it wasn’t ruled by a dictator. And if we study ancient history, we can find many examples of states, kingdoms, or whatever they were called that seem to qualify as fascist. However, the jews would probably argue that monarchs aren’t the same as dictator, or that fascism doesn’t apply to states or kingdoms that predate the 20th century. Whatever.

The Jews don’t seem to have a clue about the definition of the word dictator, nor do they seem to be aware that dictators can be good as well as bad. They called Venezuelan firebrand Hugo Chavez—one of modern history’s most inspirational leaders—a dictator. (He wasn’t even in the ballpark.) Similarly, the Jews like to call China a “communist dictatorship.” Reality check: China pretty much abandoned communism in the 1970s, and, no, it isn’t ruled by a dictator.

The Jews hate conspiracy theories that cast Jews as conspirators. It thus isn’t surprising that Wikipedia (aka WikiJew) casts such theories as “antisemitic canards,” an utterly ridiculous term.

The Jews are the world’s foremost terrorists, so it only makes sense that they should cast everyone else as terrorists. Muslims who defend their homelands from Jews are terrorists, while the Jews who shit in Palestinians’ orchards before killing them are freedom fighters.

Al-Qaeda and ISIS are question marks. They probably existed, and perhaps still exist, in some form, but it would take a lifetime to wade through all the lies manufactured by the Jews. I think ISIS was actually created by the Jews. I’m certainly intrigued by the fact that it supposedly posed a threat to just about every country in the world except Israel.

Confused? Let me make it simple.

The Jews are extraordinary liars. Never trust a Jew. The Jews also control the media, which includes book publishing and the internet. In other words, you should be skeptical of everything you read.

Think of the words discussed above as red flags. Any time I see the word “antisemitism,” I know the author is probably a Jew or a propagandist working for the Jews. I will probably either discard that article, book, or video, or scrutinize it very carefully. And if you ever get involved in a political discussion with a person who uses these words, it’s probably best to just walk away. You’re almost certainly talking to a moron and/or an asshole, which makes the discussion rather pointless. Never argue with a Jew; just them the middle finger salute and walk away.

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