Nobel Prize

Those arrogant goddam Jews never stop bragging about themselves. They’re God’s chosen people. They virtually invented civilization. They also like to promote their intellectual prowess by claiming that, in proportion to their population, Jews are the biggest Nobel Prize winners in the world.

Nobel Prize

In fact, that claim may be literally true. Yet it’s a classic example of Jewish propaganda. What the Jews don’t tell people is that the Nobel Prize is a scam rigged in favor of Jews.

There’s no better example than Henry Kissinger, the Jewish madman who served as Secretary of State under pResident Richard Nixon. Kissinger was one of modern history’s biggest monsters, so people around the world were stunned when the blood-drenched asshole was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

U.S. presidents Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 and 2009, respectively. Neither one is Jewish, but they were both whores for the Jews. Wilson campaigned for office as an anti-war candidate, backed by the slogan “He kept us out of war.” Yet after he was elected, Wilson let his Jewish advisors talk him into dragging the U.S. into World War I, which was arguably history’s most pointless war. No candidate promised change more loudly than Obama. Yet after his election Obama murdered innocent Pakistanis via an unmanned drone campaign, spearheaded the invasion and destruction of Libya, and did nothing to stop the ongoing torture at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And these assclowns wre given the Nobel Peace Prize? They should have been prosecuted for war crimes!

Another controversial Nobel Prize was awarded to a Jewish chemist named Fritz Haber in 1918 for his work on ammonia synthesis. Today it is estimated that over a third of the global population relies on food grown with synthetic fertilizers manufactured with the Haber process. However, synthetic fertilizers also take an enormous toll on the environment.

Haber also made his mark on World War I when he came up with the idea of releasing highly toxic chlorine gas into enemy trenches. In April 1915, Haber supervised the first chlorine gas attack of the First World War in Flanders, Belgium. His wife committed suicide just ten days later.

Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. Though the award apparently generated little controversy, Einstein is far more controversial than most people realize. There are many claims that he stole other people’s ideas. Einstein’s personal life was also very . . . shall we say, Jewish? No one knows what happened to his first child. He later divorced his first wife and married his first cousin, after which he continued. his extramarital affairs.

Einstein was also known for his poor hygiene. There are also claims that Albert Stinkstein was racist.

Incidentally, the Nobel Prize is named for Alfred Nobel. Though not a Jew (as far as I know), his most famous invention was dynamite. No wonder the Jews love the Nobel Prize.

In summary, the Nobel Prize says nothing about the Jews’ intellectual abilities or Jewish success. It’s just another reminder that the game is rigged . . . by and for the Jews.

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