I’m treading on thin ground here, because the Woke movement is a little complex to begin with. It also focuses largely on—well, let’s just call them people who don’t identify as either heterosexuals or homesexuals. Homosexuality is a very complex and confusing issue that I’m still trying to figure out, and when we go from gay to LGBT to LGBTQ+, things get more confusing still.


In a nutshell, I view homosexuality from three different angles. First, I have a strong instinctive aversion to it. At the same time, I can look at it logically and say, “It can’t be evil, because people can’t just choose their sexuality. Even if they could, shouldn’t we all have freedom of choice?”

And so I’m locked into a neutral zone where I’m not really comfortable around gay people, but I don’t harass or antagonize them, and I think they deserve the same basic rights as everyone else.


However, there’s a third perspective—the political arena, and it reeks of Jews. Jews are the biggest racists on the planet. They may say otherwise, but they have contempt for non-Jews (aka gentiles) in general, and they are even more contemptuous of non-European races. Yet the Jews unabashedly adore gay people. What gives?

Theoretically, a person from any race or ethnic group can convert to Judaism. However, a person can’t be a semitic Jew unless they’re descended from semitic Jews. As discussed in “Rantisemitism,” even European/Ashkenazi Jews aren’t authentic Semites, even if they think they are.

In the minds of Zionist kooks, black people, Asians, and Native Americans can never be true Jews, even if they convert to Judaism. However, it is possible for a person to be a Semite and gay at the same time, even if most gay Jews are descended from Ashkenzi Jews and therefore are not Semites. Bear in mind, Jews are famous for their often incestuous relationships. A Jew might therefore discover that a gay Jew is his cousin, but he could never view black or Asian Jews as kin.

The Jews’ close relationship with the gay community helps them balance their de facto racism. It’s as if they’re saying, “You can call me a racist, but I’m not homophobic,” or “You accuse me of hating black people and Palestinians, but many black people and Palestinians hate gay people, so there!”

But do heterosexual Jews genuinely like gay people, or do they simply like to manipulate them? I’m not sure what the answer is, but they clearly manipulate them, just as they manipulate everyone else.

During the COVID pandemic, there was a seemingly endless series of protests over the murder of George Floyd, along with a lot of vandalism. Many protesters rallied behnd the slogan “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). Although the protesters probably would have appreciated support from outside the black community, such support was seemingly dominated by one group in particular—the LGBTQ+ community. At least, the Jew-controlled media made it look like the gay communty had practically co-opted the BLM movement. The situation smelled like a Jewish conspiracy.

One day I checked out the website of the Seattle chapter of BLM. It seemed like every member of its leadership team was neither heterosexual nor homesexual, but something really out there. At the same time, I noticed that several members had moved to Seattle from other states just recently. Again, this smelled like a Jewish conspiacy.

JeWoke ˆ

Another thing that reeks of Jewish manipulation is the Woke movement.


At first glance, wokism might seem like a good thing. Why shouldn’t people accept other people for what they are? However, wokism is just too bizarre. Many of the people clamoring for respect are so out-there, you have to wonder if they’re actors recruited by the Jews. Moreover, their demands are equally strange. Judging by the media, it sounds like the #1 issue is correct pronoun usage. All those out-there people want to be called specific things.

When I was a teacher, I worked with several gay teachers and never called them “gay,” just as I never call heterosexual people “non-gay.” So, how can anyone expect me to instinctively recogize a person as something really out there and refer to he/she/it as “perself” or “xemself”? Of course, I could always ask a person what they identify as. However, I’m not comfortable with approaching people who are both strangers and weirdos and asking what they identify as, nor do I really care what they identify as.

Note that I’m not denying people the right to identify as whatever they desire. I just don’t have the time or inclination to monitor the whole world’s sexuality, or lack thereof, and memorize a list of bizarre pronouns so that I can properly address them.

The Jews control both major U.S. political parties, Democratic and Republican. Both parties serve the Jews, but it’s important to crete the illusion that they’re somehow different. So, an army of Jewish propagandists continuously brainstorm strategies for fueling an ongoing war between liberals and conservatives. I think that’s what wokism is all about. Conservatives instinctively cringe at the sight of all those queer weirdos making the most inane and bizarre demands. I’m not sure where the average liberal stands on the issue, but liberals in general are probably more likey to defend all those queer weirdos. Even if they side with the conservatives, the Jew-controlled media will tell the public that wokism is a liberal thing.

P.S. Note that I’m not claiming the Jews created the BLM and/or Woke movements. It’s possible that they simply co-opted them, just as the Jews have infiltrated and co-opted so many other organizations and movements.

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