There are countless references focusing on Zionism in libraries and bookstores and on the Internet. A few of them are even semi-factual. Right now, I want to keep this simple and just give you a thumbnail description.

Zionism is essentially a religious cult made up primarily of Jews of European descent who have brainwashed themselves into believing that they have some mystical link to the children of Israel. In not so plain English, they call themselves Semites and label their critics anti-Semites, rather than anti-Jewish, which is obviously deceptive. After all, Arabs are Semites, too. In fact, Arabs are more semitic than most Jews.

An Israeli professor named Shlomo Sand discovered that the legendary Jewish diaspora from Israel into Europe is nothing but a fairy tale, similar to the biblical claim that the Jews were held as slaves in ancient Egypt. He concluded that Europe’s Jews are simply the descendants of Europeans who converted to Judaism long ago.

Sand’s shocking revelation motivated a frantic search for solid genetic evidence that the Jews are what they claim to be. Ironically, finding such evidence really wouldn’t prove anything.

We don’t have precise figures, of course, but let’s imagine that there were 10,000 Jews of Middle Eastern (semitic) descent living in Europe 2,000 years ago. Let’s also imagine that 10% of them mated with Europeans. (Although Jews are notoriously incestuous, they do marry outside the tribe quite frequently. Moreover, there were relatively few European Jews, making it more likely that some of them would look elsewhere for mates.)

If we assume about 25 years per generation, then we’re talking about 80 generations over a period of 2,000 years. The math and genetics get a little complicated, but the result is hardly surprising. After 2,000 years of marginal (10%) outbreeding, the original “semitic” genetic material would be so diluted as to scarcely be detectable.

Even if you could find an individual with some genetic marker linking him or her to the Middle East, so what? They would be 99.9% European! Calling them a Semite would be like calling a blonde Scandinavian whose great-great-great-great grandfather mated with an Eskimo an Eskimo.

Or consider the polar bear. It evolved from brown (aka grizzly) bears and can even mate with brown bears. However, it is a polar bear, not a grizzly bear.

Pink SemiteIf you want to call Harvard’s infamous Jewish psychologist and propagandist Steven Pinker a Semite, then why not call the animal on the right what it is—a giraffe? (Left: By Cmichel67 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link)

To cut to the chase, the Jews began preaching the gospel of Zionism in relatively modern times. After Adolf Hitler gave European Jews a taste of accountability, they began fabricating stories about some impossibly horrible “Holocaust,” which made it imperative that they secure a safe homeland in their (supposedly) ancestral birthplace. And so, Israel was created.

While Israel proved to be a great refuge for Jewish pedophiles around the world who are running from justice, millions of supposedly persecuted Jews continue living in other countries. In fact, Jews living in the U.S. are far less persecuted than other minorities and are probably a lot safer than their Israeli cousins, who have inflamed neighboring countries.

People who are anti-Zionist are often labeled “antisemitic,” which loosely translates into racist. This is obviously absurd; it is perfectly possible to hate Zionism and Zionists without hating all Jews. On the other hand, the Jews are notoriously incestuous, and Zionism is supported by millions of Jews around the world. So, why play games by pretending there’s some magic wall dividing Israeli Zionists from Wall Street bankers or Hollywood rapists?

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