What do Jews have to do with automation? I don’t know; I haven’t yet done a lot of research on this topic.


I doubt that Jews have played a major role in the actual creation of automated machinery. It seems like the only things they’re good at inventing are explosives. But what about the application of automation?

Let’s face it, automation is a Jew’s wet dream. Just think of the money all those Jewish CEOs and shareholders can rake in if they can replace workers with machines that don’t require salaries or benefits. As a bonus, machines don’t have unions and can’t talk back or become whistle=blowers.

The Jews like to claim that Adolf Hitler was supremely evil because he automated murder, killing innocent Jews in a well-organized system of gas chambers.

LOL! The Jews weren’t so innocent, and many of us aren’t convinced the Germans killed a single person in a gas chamber. If they did, it’s hard to imagine how anyone but a lying Jew could describe it as a marvel of automation.

In ancient times, armies armed with swords, knives, epears, and bows could destroy entire cities, slaughtering vast numbers of people, in a single day. If the Germans really did kill dix million Jews, well, good for them. However, it took them years to do the job. In fact, gas-chamber genocide would be a crude joke. The techniques the Jews are using in Gaza are far more effective. Of course, they have to show a little restraint because people around the world can watch the unfolding events on YouTube.

The ultimate form of automated murder was invented by the Jews. It’s called the atomic bomb.

Automation isn’t all bad, of course. Would we want to go back to the days when people planted wheat by hand? Would we want to get rid of all our cars? Bicycles?

However, what’s happening right now is off the chart. The U.S. economy is already on life support, and we’re going to see continuing job layoffs thanks to automation and it’s even scarier twin, Artificial Intelligence.

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