Charter Schools

When I started working for the Seattle School District in the mid-1980s, I was astonished to discover how much I loved working with children. I was also dazzled by the mind-boggling corruption and tyranny I experienced. I soon began referring to the district and its handlers as the “education mafia.”

Jewish Charter School

Things got even worse in 1995 when Seattle Schools recruited a derelict retired general named John Stanford to serve as its superintendent. His reign of teror was nothing less than a clusterfuck. He was just as incompetent (and morally deranged) as Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

It wasn’t until more than two decades after I got laid off that I learned about a Jewish billionaire named Eli Broad. A very generous man, Broad donated massive amounts of money to his two favorite causes, the arts and education. But there was a catch: Broad championed charter schools. Why in the world would he invest money in public education if he didn’t like public schools?

Broad was apparently working to destroy public schools, paving the way for charter schools. In plain English, he was a terrorist. Some of the biggest monsters I encountered in the education wilderness—including school officials and school board members—were Broadies. In a city known for its pedophile rings, they may have been the biggest pedophile ring of all . . . not necessarily in the literal sense but in the sense that they screwed children. Hard.

It’s no secret that Bill Gates (who appears to surround himself with Jews) is a big supporter of charter schools, as was Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (who really liked to shit on children). With friends like these . . .

So, exactly how does Bill Gates and his Jewish peers profit from charter schools? There are a number of possibilities. The Jews’ “success” is tied closely to knocking other people down. As long as Jews are attending posh private schools and ivy league universities while non-Jews are trapped in derelict public and charter schools, the Jews will be better educated and therefore wealthier and more powerful.

Of course, Bill Gates has always been a little obsessed with ensuring that schools across America are equipped with computers powered by Windows, a piece of crap I abandoned for a Mac two decades ago.

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