What do David Sassoon and the Sackler family have in common? They rank as history’s greatest drug lords, and they’re Jews.


Sassoon—a merchant who became one of the world’s richest men—was the driving force between the opium trade, which devastated China in the 19th century. To maintain his lucrative trade, Sassoon even championed Great Britain’s infamous Opium wars. The Chinese were given the choice of dying from the ravages of opium or war. How Jewish.

The Sackler family are the people behind the opioid crisis, which someimes kills as many Americans in one year as we lost during the war in Vietnam. Not one of those bastards has spent one day in prison!

Were the famously racist Jews behind the crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged America’s black community? What about Mexico’s savage drug war? Jews have certainly played key roles in the drug racket in other Latin American countries.

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