Americans were shocked when they learned that the Jews had created a mysterious new institution called the Federal Reserve in 1913. Its stated goal was to regulate the economy, preventing major problems like depressions, recessions, or full blown economic crashes. It was a miserable failure.


Two decades after the Federal Reserve was born, the world was plunged into the Great Depression, which many people believe was the work of Wall Street bankers (i.e. Jews). Chairman of the Fed Alan Greenspan (a Jew) was asleep at the wheel when pResident George W. Bush crashed the economy more than half a century later.

Today, the Jews seem to be making a frantic effort to set a new world record. A Jewish bimbo named Janet Yellen serves as Secretary of the Treasury under pResident “Jew” Biden. Under their leadership, the U.S. government is spending money faster than ever before. Towards the end of May, 2024, the national debt was approaching $34 trillion and was reportedly growing at the rate of two or three trillion dollars a year!

It would be a mistake to call Yellen stupid. Rather, she’s crazy like a fox. Perhaps the Jews want to crash the economy so they can swoop in and buy everything that they don’t already own. Perhaps their goal is to turn America into a de facto colony of Israel.

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