Did you hear the joke about the Jewish environmentalist? LOL! There probably are no such jokes; whoever heard of a Jewish environmentalist?


Environmental deterioration isn’t entirely a Jewish problem, of course. However, the Jews have long controlled the United States, which has long been the 800-pound gorilla in the global ecosphere. So, when you hear about state governments all but outlawing the mere mention of climate change, it’s a good bet they’re acting on behalf of the Jews. We certainly don’t see many protests in the Jew-controlled media, do we?

But perhaps my criticism marks me as a religious bigot. You see, the Jews created Judaism and wrote the Bible, which became Christianity’s holy book. In Jewish religion, God created the universe for man’s sustenance and pleasure. God practically ordered people to multiply like rabbits and subdue the earth. And after Jews became infatuted with money, they began putting price tags on everything that could be commercially exploited.

Reports of Israeli maggots defecating in Palestinians’ orchards are just a reminder that Jews take pleasure in shitting on the planet. (The Israelis even produced a contraption, dubbed a “skunk truck,” designed to spray sewage on Palestinian homes.) We might say the whole world is the Jews’ toilet.

Climate Change ˆ

China is the world leader in the production of solar panels. The U.S. government is pissed off because they don’t like to see the Chinese dominating an industry the U.S. ought to dominate. This is just another reminder that our Jew-led government cares more about corporate profits than the environment.

As the world sinks ever deeper into a gloomy pit of environmental ruin, we can take some consolation in the knowledge that the Jews will be living in the same pit. And if people around the world wake up and discover who has been deliberately steering us away from helping the environment, perhaps the Jews will be targeted by something worse than “antisemitism.”

GMOs ˆ

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is yet another environmental scourge that has “Jew” written all over it.

GMOs are most closely associated with Monsanto. The company was founded by John Francis Queeny, who named it for his Jewish wife, Olga Mendez Monsanto.

One of GMO’s biggest fans is Bill Gates, who appears to surround himself with Jews. Jews probably control the health and food industries both. They certainly control the government and media, both of which turn a blind eye to the GMO racket that threatens both the environment and our health. Perhaps we should call them JMOs.

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