Free Speech

A quick glance at a history book makes one wonder if there was ever anything noble about the American expert. The United States was founded on genocide and slavery. By the 20th century, the U.S. had become a global war machine.

Free Speech VS Cancel Culture

Although some Americans—including the original America First members—fought back, Big Business emerged as King of the Hill after the Civil War. When Jews began immigrating into the U.S., things got even worse. Not content to corrupt government, the Jews began attacking the general public, broadcasting lies and propaganda, perverting people’s morals, and destroying communities with poverty, racism, and drugs.

Fortunately, the Jews haven’t scuttled the First Amendment—yet. Believe it or not, some Jews have indeed been campaigning for an amended First Amendment. They are particularly aggrieved by conspiracy theory and criticism of Jews. There have even been proposals to make the discussion of conspiracy theory a crime!

In the wake of the October 7 attack in Israel, powerful American Jews announced that they were going to make sure that college students who criticize Israel or support the Palestinians have a hard time finding good jobs or careers. Ivy league college presidents who didn’t punish pro-Palestinian protesters who said harsh things about Israel and Jews in general—at the same time that the Jews were depriving two million people of food and water as they bombed Gaza into oblivion—were under fire. As I write this, at least one has been forced to resign.

Then there’s that amazing thing we call “cancel culture.” If you say something the Jews don’t like, they delete your post, temporarily suspend your Facebook account, or ban you for life. In some cases, they may publicly tar and feather you, perhaps impacting your personal or professional life.

All I have to say is fuck the Jews. They can take away my free speech over my dead body. In fact, one of the reasons I speak out so strongly is the fact that free speech isn’t free. The rule is use it or lose it. If no one pushed the envelope, we would have no free speech at all.

Some Jews argue that free speech isn’t threatened at all. After all, no one is stopping me from posting this on the Internet. Nor has anyone prevented me from running for public office.

In fact, the Jews have recruited attorneys in failed attempts to ban the statements I’ve submitted to the Washington State Voters Pamphlet. And very few people will read this article because Google is doing everything it can to bury my websites. Technically, I may have free speech, but it isn’t fair speech when the Jews are able to compose the most convoluted bullshit and use the corporate media to burn it into people’s brains.

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