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When genetically modified food (GMO) first began making headlines years ago, I made a very simple, logical prediction: The shit is going to hit the fan. More precisely, I predicted that GMOs would take an enormous toll on both the environment and human health.

Post Health Era

As the years went by, I was amazed at how little I read about the impact of GMOs. Were the Jewish media whores just burying the news, or was it simply a waiting game? There were occasional stories about people suffering from Roundup, the all-in-one pesticide that complements GMO crops. However, there were few headlines focusing on health problems caused by GMOs themselves.

Then came the magic year 2024, when everything went crazy. Climate change and artificial intelligence were both advancing faster than predicted at the same time the rate at which the U.S. national debt was reportedly doubling, tripling, or quadrupling. Fresh from getting its ass kicked in Afghanistan, the U.S. was getting it kicked again in Ukrainee. The U.S. couldn’t even stop Yemen’s spirited Houthis, but that didn’t stop it from dispatching two aircraft carriers to help Israel carry out its grisly genocide in Gaza.

Suddenly, there was a flurry of headlines focusing on health problems afflicting Americans. Many of them were dietary ailments. Growing numbers of young people are being diagnosed with colon cancer, for example.

Of course, it’s to early to conclude that GMOs are linked to an increase in colon cancer. They could be one of several causes. GMOs certainly aren’t the only bad guys out there . . .

Some researchers believe ultra-processed food is impacting people’s physical and mental health both. Microplastics could be hazardous to our health as well. How many people have died from the excess heat generated by climate change? Some people are still suffering from their bouts with COVID.

What amazes me most of all are the headlines warning that depression is becoming a serious issue. Like, DUH! How could depression not be a major problem when there are so many seemingly terminal problems swirling around us? I feel terribly sorry for young people today; what kind of future do they have?

Jewish propagandists love to throw around the term “post,” as in postmodernism. Postmodern philosophy is a movement that began in the second half of the 20th century. It is known for being very complex and difficult to understand. That doesn’t automatically qualify it as junk philosophy—most people find nuclear physics hard to understand as well—but it does make one wonder. I have a theory that the Jews are promoting postmodern philosophy for the same reason they’re promoting wokism, to scramble people’s minds and divert them from truth and sanity. A few years ago, some asshole wrote a book about “post-capitalism.” He predicted that, in the future, people won’t have to work. They can just stay home and relax as they wait for their government check. What an utterly moronic suggestion.

I have a more depressing but more rational prediction, which I call post-health. I think we’re entering an era where people’s health is going to rapidly decline. GMOs and ultra-processed food are going to take a toll as are the growing number of pollutants in the environment, from chemicals to microplastics. Climate change and growing water shortages around the world will also take a toll.

As the global population continues to grow, hunger will continue knocking on the door. It isn’t hard to imagine a variety of events that could plunge portions of the world into famine. Ukraine is one of the world’s most important sources of cereal grains, for example. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (a Jewish asshole) reportedly suggested that people around the world would starve if the International Criminal Court presses for the arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu. Was that a threat?

The problem isn’t just the environment. The health care industry has been corrupted. In the U.S., everything has been corrupted by the goddam Jews. That lesson should have been driven home during the COVID pandemic, when people were told to put their trust in Google, Facebook, and Bill Gates.

If you care about your health, you’re going to have to work to preserve it. Be a smart shopper and avoid GMOs and ultra-processed foods. Avoid living in big cities, where people are exposed to all kinds of pollutants, crime, and stress.

There are various strategies for warding off depression. Ever hear the saying ignorance is bliss? You can just close your eyes, plug your ears, and ignore what’s happening all around us.

However, a better solution is to just keep busy and try to balance reality with positive thoughts and some healthy escapism. I spend a lot of time day-dreaming, which always takes me back to the farm in West Dakota, where life was so much simpler and more peaceful. Find a cause to believe in, something to fight for.

Many people counsel against anger and hate. However, many of these clowns are propagandists who just want to protect the government and corporate sector from accountability. Frankly, I don’t like being shit on. Fighting back makes me feel much better. If some country nukes Israel some day, I’ll be the happiest person on the planet.

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