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There’s a reason Jews have money coming out of their assholes. And if you want to be rich like them, all you have to do is learn how to lie, cheat, and steal.

Project Genocide

The Jews are even buying up water rights!

@ 4:30 – The two best periods for the Jews were 1) under the Muslims in Andalusia, Spain, and 2) under the Ottoman Empire. This guy wrote The Encyclopedia of Jews. Does anyone know if there is an English translation avaialable?

The Chinese are catching on!


#foryoupage #nowunited #河豚計画 ふぐけいかく#Fugu Keikaku#foryoupage

♬ sonido original – Raoul Schindler

This is what happens when you (s)elect a Jew as president. Milei isn’t an ethnic Jew, but he’s clearly working for the Jews He gave Argentina’s two biggest allies the middle finger and declared his allegiance with the U.S. and Israel. He even said he wants to convert to Judaism. From Henry Kissinger to Paul Singer, the Jews have been shitting on Argentina for decades.

Leaping lizard people! This may be the most sensational conspiracy video ever. Notice how the narrator focuses on simple facts that are easy to verify. But why does he have nothing to say about the Jews who were behind 9/11?


Now those are my kind of religious kooks!

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