Viva Hamas!

Yin and YangOne man is a lying, racist, megalomaniacal, genocidal terrorist and religious kook. The other adopted the swastika—an ancient symbol of peace—as his totem, socialism as his economic system, and held the Jews accountable while standing up to the capitalist West and the communist Soviet Union, both ruled by the Jews.

During World War II, the Jews conned the world into believing that they were the good guys and the Germans were the bad guys. In fact, the Jews were completely innocent, faultless, blameless, pure as the driven snow, while the creepy “Nazis” (aka National Socialists) were evil incarnate. Even today, merely mentioning Adolf Hitler or Nazis can be dangerous. In some countries, it can get you thrown in prison.

Today, the Jews are using the same sleazy tactics with Palestinians, particularly Hamas. Calling Hamas merely evil is absurd. Hamas fighters went on a spree of rape and torture. They raped women in front of their families, then cut their breasts off. They baked their children in ovens. Blah, blah, blah.

Anyone stupid enough to not see through those preposterous lies is a moron—or a typical brainwashed American. Here’s my position:

  • The stories we hear about Hamas originated in Israel and are channeled through the Jew-controlled media, and therefore cannot be believed.
  • If it could be proved they were true, I wouldn’t give a damn.

Saying I’ve lost respect for Jews is an understatement. I think they’re the most disgusting living things. I don’t regard them as human. After what the Jews have done to the Palestinians for three quarters of a century—not to mention the millions of people around the world they’ve screwed for far longer—they deserve whatever they get. I agree with the millions of people who believe the Jews started both world wars. I believe they were behind the assassinatino of JFK as well as 9/11. The bastards brought the Holocaust on themselves, and they brought Hamas on themselves.

Bear in mind that the world has long turned a blind eye to the Palestinians’ plight. Israelis have committed an endless litany of extraordinary crimes withough being held accountable. They have literally shit on Palestinians with impunity. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Hamas stepped up to the plate.

After thumbing its nose at the world, Israel has now been brought down by Hamas. Even if Israel managed to somehow win its war against Hamas, it could never fully recover. Ironically, the Jews turned out to be their own worst enemy. They have pulled down their plants in front of the whole world and revealed their arrogant hypocrisy, delusion, and perversion. They are a tribe of putrid, murderous religious kooks.

Just recently, the unthinkable happened: The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for the king of the Jews, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel has responded with typical arrogance, supported by our senile pResident, Joe Cocksucker Biden. There’s even talk about sanctioning or even invading the Hague.

But it’s a win-win situation. Suppose the U.S. Air Force bombed the ICC, killing all its key members. Seriously?

Netanyahu would be a free man, but the finger of guilt hanging over his head would only grow into a storm cloud. The whole world would know the awful truth—about both Israel and America. Countries would continue severing diplomatic ties with Israel, maybe even withdrawing recognition of it as a state. Some might even sanction the country. More countries would be motivated to ally with China and join BRICS. The Chinese might be motivated to take a firmer stand and come out swinging against Israel. Perhaps they’ll start talking about the great Jewish Mafia that rules America.

Viva Hamas!

Bear in mind that Netanyahu is not the worst Jew. Indeed, there are countless Jews who are more depraved than him, and finding members of the Jewish community willing to criticize them is a fool’s errand.

Sadly, two million frightened, starving Gazans have little chance to celebrate their victory. I respect them more than I do my fellow U.S. citizens, and I respect Hamas more than I do the U.S. military.

The Jews are the terrorists, may they burn in Hell. Viva Hamas!

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