Why are there no good Jews?

Of course, the title is an obvious joke. There has to be a mixture of good and bad in all groups of people . . . doesn’t there?

In fact, I can recall a handful of Jews I’ve met over the years who appeared to be pretty decent people. On the other hand, I never had more than a passing acquaintance with any of them. They could have all been Zionists for all I know.

Even if we postulate the existence of good Jews, however, many observers are struck by the magnitude of arrogance, sleaze, and corruption in the Jewish community. While we might characterize organizations such as the Mafia, Microsoft, and U.S. government as putrid, no rational person would characterize an entire race or ethnic group as evil. Yet the Jews loom over us like some Stygian paradox. Are the Jews really uniquely evil, or are all the conspiracy theories, legends, and folk wisdom just “canards,” as the Jews like to call them?

After I opened my eyes to the Jews—coining the word Jewarchy in the process—I thought a little research would reveal that Jews are fundamentally similar to non-Jews. Yet the more I learned about the Jews, the more I loathed them. How is it possible for a tribe or ethnic group to be so utterly wretched?

At last, I think I’ve stumbled across the answer—incest.

Though we may sometimes describe Jews as a race, they really aren’t. Exactly what they are is hard to say. I think of them as a collection of ethnic groups overlapping with religious cults. Although Zionist Jews like to imagine that they are Semites bearing some divine genetic link to the Middle East, most Jews are actually of European origin. You might think of them as cousins of Lawrence of Arabia. Even if they did originate from Middle Eastern stock, two millennia of interbreeding with Europeans long ago turned them into Europeans.

Ironically, some Jews might exclaim “What interbreeding?!” In fact, Jews are famously tribal, known widely for their refusal to fully assimilate with surrounding cultures. Even today, Jews commonly marry their first cousins, and one has to wonder if centuries of incest has anything to do with the Jews’ legendary obsession with pornography, rape, pedophilia, and incest.

The Jews claim their European population was eroded by the dreadful persecution that is so mysteriously linked to them. However, an Israeli professor named Shlomo Sand concluded that European Jews are in fact descended from Europeans who simply decided to convert to Judaism. In other words, they were just another religious cult, and religious cults have a hard time competing with Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, and atheists nowadays. Then again, religious strife was rampant in the ancient world, so perhaps we can compromise; most living Jews may be descended from a European cult whose numbers were impacted by persecution. Today, many Jews suffer from hereditary diseases, inspiring comments on “the Jewish gene.”

While countless cults, tribes, kingdoms, and ethnic groups have vanished into the vortex of time, the poor, persecuted Jews were apparently thriving in recent centuries. Yet Jews remain imprisoned not only by their incestuous sexual heritage but by their arrogant belief system and their penchant for corruption, all compounded by their relatively small population.

While suggesting that all people of African or Asian origin are evil would get one branded racist, it is perfectly OK to demonize organizations, from corrupt corporations to governmental regimes. Why the difference?

Organizations, of course, are far smaller than any race. Organizations also tend to be more narrowly focused, and if they are focused on crime, then it would make no sense to recruit honest people. In fact, corrupt organizations often become more corrupt over time. There’s no better example than the U.S. government, which has evolved into a two-party system perpetuated by meaningless elections starring candidates who seem to get more corrupt, deranged, and older over time. As you may know, the Democratic and Republican parties (aka Demopublicans) are both controlled by Jews. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are virtual Jews themselves.

Thanks largely to Hollywood, millions of people associate the Mafia with Italians. However, the Italian mob was rivaled by a Jewish mob, which built modern Las Vegas and controlled organized crime in Cuba. While the Italian Mafia more or less faded away, it could be argued that the Jewish Mafia simply grew so big, powerful, and sophisticated that people can’t even recognize it for what it is. Gun-toting thugs have been replaced by Wall Street banksters, greasy politicians, and an army of media whores and corrupt judges and lawyers.

Between Wall Street, the corporate sector, the media, government, and the criminal activities the Jews still revel in, the Jewish community is bristling with sleaze. Moreover, modern technology makes it easy for people associated with one criminal enterprise (e.g. the Seattle School District) to call or e-mail representatives of other criminal enterprises (e.g. the Seattle Times or the Seattle Police Department) and plot one conspiracy after another. Since Jews control so many powerful institutions in so many countries, they can easily plot global mega-conspiracies. At the same time, an army of Jewish media whores help motivate Jews around the world to support their fellow Jews, whether they’re peddling drugs, launching a phony war on terror, or carrying out history’s most spectacular genocide right in front of TV cameras.

Think about it: millions of Jews are bonded together by genes, their creepy religion, and an insatiable appetite for corruption and sleaze. And I’m not through.

Few organizations are more feared than the so-called secret societies that lurk in society’s shadows. From the Illuminati to the Freemasons, secret societies seem to merge reality with the supernatural.

So, what is the biggest, most powerful secret society in the world? It may very well be the Jews. They share rituals and common interests, similar to the Freemasons and Mafiosi. However, they take it one step further with their Jewish genes.

All the above helps explain why Jews put so much pressure on members of the Jewish community to maintain allegiance not to the countries they live in but to the Jewish lobby, headquartered in Israel. Indeed, pedophile rabbis often get a free ride because most Jewish parents apparently don’t care enough about their own children to report them to non-Jewish authorities.

It wasn’t until towards the end of 2023 that this idea began germinating in my mind. Yes, characterizing international Jewry as one big corporation, crime ring, or secret society sounds crazy. Yet the reality is crazy, and my theory positing Jews as a secret society embracing a dizzy array of corrupt, powerful corporations, criminal activities, and governments is actually very plausible. It also helps explain the insanity of the world we live in, as evidenced by the U.S. giving Israel billions of dollars to assist with its televised campaign of genocide against two million Palestinians trapped in Gaza, which looks like a lunar landscape.

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